officefront system Officefront System

With its versatility of styles and almost limitless variations of customization, our Officefront system combines the operating requirements you need with the design elements you want so you can easily satisfy even the most exacting clients.

You have several options when choosing panels for your Officefront system. You can select metal, wood, glass or composite panels. They can be painted or wood-stained in quarter-inch or half-inch thicknesses. Or, you may prefer your Officefront with glass panels, which can be clear, decorative or tinted for privacy. Perimeter glazes come in standard black or any color your client can imagine and door styles are available in sliding or swing types. Of course, all are ADA compliant. And you can select opening sizes up to a maximum of 196 inches.

In addition to all those Officefront features, you have the option of including our soft closer (anti-slam) technology and/or our acoustic gasket and seal sound control feature to your door system.

Soft closer –

Look to our Officefront doors to go beyond ADA compliance for the benefit of your clients. Of course, each one of our doors requires no more than five pounds of force to operate, ensuring that it can be opened by persons with almost any level of ability. In addition to that, however, we offer Officefront systems with the option of incorporating our signature Soft Close feature. This technology ensures that our doors close slowly and gently to prevent loud, jarring slams and give slower toes and fingers time to clear the space.

Acoustic seal –

Our Officefront door assemblies fulfill all requirements of modern medical facilities and corporate environments. Our patent-pending system of seals and gaskets offers levels of protection from normal-level speech privacy to ultra-secure sound prevention.

The office spaces you are designing may include Officefront assemblies for exam rooms in a medical facility, board rooms in a financial institution, human resources interview rooms in an office building, or even recovery rooms in a hospital environment. Whatever the setting, you will need a system that can mitigate sound bleed for patients who are discussing confidential medical conditions with their doctors, or business leaders who are discussing highly confidential deals, or employers who are conducting private and personal interviews for potential workers. And, you absolutely must minimize loud voices and buzzers and equipment sounds around convalescing hospital patients who are trying to rest and recover.

At AD Systems, our professional production staff encourages input from architects, interior planners, engineers and facility managers, because we always want to improve our products and keep up with new design trends. And, regarding any specific project you are working on, we encourage you to download specs from our website and to browse through our photo gallery of projects that have incorporated our Officefront systems. Feel free to contact us to arrange a consultation about your ideas and your needs, either through our online request tab or at (425) 374-1360.