office front system Office Front System

Whether you are contemplating remodeling your existing aging corporate space or thinking of designing an entirely new state-of-the-art building, we at AD Systems encourage you to consider a version of our high-performance office front system as the ideal solution to several workplace space challenges you may face.

The Benefits of Our Office Door System


The sliding-door office front system engineering lends itself to many styles that will complement your office’s architectural environment. Our barn door design is top-hung for smooth operation with no exposed floor track or threshold to spoil the look or create a trip hazard. You can choose from solid door panels for visual privacy, including wood, laminate or dry-erase marker board. Or, you may prefer clear, frosted or decorative glazing or magnetic glass. Your space may lend itself to integrated blinds, switchable privacy glass or louvered shades for additional privacy. Of course, there are sidelites, transoms and other design configuration choices that are available in swinging doors as well as our sliding office front system.


If your corporate area includes human resources or financial services offices, for example, you will want to ensure maximum prevention of voices being overheard from more public areas. Law offices, software and technology companies and sports and entertainment organizations often have similar privacy needs. With a patent-pending full-perimeter acoustic mitigation structure, our AD Systems office front system isolates noise leakage from the office outward as well as preventing distracting noise invading private office space from common areas.


The door jambs incorporated into an AD Systems office front system wrap around the wall openings. This design accomplishes three important things: first, it helps guard against premature damage from ongoing wear and tear of daily usage; second, it is exceptionally easy to clean, which helps preserve its original professional look; and third, our rigorous construction of the whole assembly requires minimal maintenance for the life of the office front system.

ADA Compliant

Rest assured that each AD Systems office front system meets the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) fully and completely. All require less than the five-pounds-of-force limit required to open them, all can be configured to accommodate wider-than-normal openings, all can be engineered with our “soft close” technology that prevents harsh slams and closes gently to protect fingers and toes.

The professionals at AD Systems Doors welcome input from architects, engineers, space planners and facility managers in our continued goal to stay abreast of changing laws and regulations and to be aware of evolving trends in the corporate space design world. We are justifiably proud of each and every office front system we supply to a wide range of users.

Contact us at (425) 374-1360 or go online to request information or to download specifications and system details that will apply to your specific corporate project. We also offer a photo gallery of some of our beautiful and functional designs to help you better envision how similar arrangements can easily enhance your own space.