commercial interior glass doorsOfficeSlide™ commercial interior glass doors by AD Systems hit on one of the biggest commercial design trends of the year. Namely, they can make any space seem bigger! At the same time, these doors provide both an open environment with privacy when you need it. Here are some of the biggest benefits of installing OfficeSlide sliding glass doors in your office.

Commercial Interior Glass Doors Provide for Collaboration

In any office, collaboration among employees is important. However, traditional solid wood doors can make collaboration difficult. At the same time, open work spaces don’t provide for privacy when needed. OfficeSlide glass office doors give workers privacy when they need it, without sacrificing that oh-so-important open office layout. The open feel of a glass door means that employees are more likely to work together. They are especially great for conference rooms so everyone can see when a meeting is happening.

A company culture steeped in collaboration is important. In fact, one study found that employees are less likely to quit if they interact with co-workers more often. Even when working separately, glass doors can make employees feel more connected.

These Glass Doors Keep Sound to a Minimum

At first, it may seem important to have meetings in a shared, open space within your office. However, these meetings can be loud and distracting. What about your employees who are not part of the meeting? Or employees who are meeting in their own offices with clients?

The acoustic performance of OfficeSlide commercial interior glass doors ensures that conversations stay where they belong – with the people in the room! Employees can do their job more easily when they have a quiet space to work. At the same time, conference rooms won’t seem as closed-off with glass doors.

Sliding Glass Doors Save Space

Glass doors aren’t just aesthetically pleasing. In addition, OfficeSlide doors help any company save space. Traditional hinged doors have to swing open, requiring a large amount of space for a swing path and associated clearances. Alternatively, glass office doors with a barn door design simply slide along a wall. Consequently, employees and clients can more easily navigate even the tightest spaces.

Additionally, keep in mind that sliding doors’ space-saving features allow offices to make use of this otherwise wasted space. For example, employees may be able to put a bookcase where a door once needed clearance to swing open. Or, employees can add additional seating to a corner that was previously behind a door. Or the entire space can be reconfigured when sliding doors are designed in and you have more offices, more meetings and functional spaces.

Glass Doors Save Energy and Increase Production and Morale

Studies have proven that natural light beaming through an office by using glass doors promotes a positive attitude and better morale among workers. The incoming warmth from sunlight can also save on energy costs.

What Makes AD Systems Doors the Best?

AD System interior office doors are the best sliding glass door option for several reasons, including:

  • These doors come in a variety of styles, with many hardware options, including ADA-compliant locks and handles.
  • Special features are available such as mag locks to integrate into access control systems or automatic operators
  • Designers many specify virtually any type of glass or glazing material up to 1″ thick
  • Custom integral lighting is available.

No Project to Big or Small for AD Systems

AD Systems has worked on glass door solutions for banks, healthcare clinics, and more. Their project case studies available here are just a few examples of satisfied clients who love OfficeSlide glass doors. Today, start by requesting a quote here with details about your project. Or, call 425-374-1360 to speak with a representative.