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As an architect you must thing of a range of details and options while sketching out ideas for your next commercial building project. Architecture is often highly focused on space and making your concepts and design intent work within the space allotted; it only makes sense to think strategically about areas where space could be saved. This is one reason why many architects favor space-saving sliding door designs, especially in office, retail, and healthcare environments. AD Systems has been providing interior barn doors for many years throughout North America for projects that need a high quality solution that maximizes usable space. These doors not only offer a space solution, but also give each project an extra touch of beauty and functionality. Below are some of the top reasons for architects to work with AD Systems when finalizing their designs:



With AD Systems, you can always be confident that you’re getting a sliding door system that’s built to last. All door and hardware products are quality engineered and made from highly durable materials.


Finish and Hardware Options

AD Systems offers a full range of finish and hardware options. Architects are able to make a selection from stock inventory or incorporate custom pulls or specific hardware functionality like latching, self-closing or access control features. Doorframes are available in a sequin silver or medium bronze finish, or you can work with our professionals to obtain custom colors for a particular project. There are also a number of texture and color choices for the finish of your barn doors, in addition to the availability of features such as glazing, sidelites, transoms, and solid infill panels.


Acoustic Performance

Acoustic performance is a significant concern for many commercial building projects. Privacy, productivity, and comfort should be major considerations in all office and medical construction. The doors provided by AD Systems are designed to perform at high levels of standard transmission class (STC) ratings, which means they can be trusted to protect doctor-patient confidentiality, lawyer-client privilege, human resource meetings and other sensitive conversations where speech privacy is a must. Employee productivity and patient comfort and recovery are also affected by how well a door’s acoustics perform, making it critical that architects work with a company that has paid specific attention to this element in their designs.


Experience and Knowledge

Since their inception, AD Systems has worked with scores of well-known architectural firms in achieving their design goals on a range of project types. They have extensive knowledge when it comes to all the important benefits of installing interior barn doors, as well as experience equipping banks, law offices, veterinary clinics, urgent care facilities and educational institutions, to name a few, with just the right door systems for their unique needs and requirements.


Architects can easily and affordably add an upscale look to their commercial building projects with the help of AD Systems. The sophisticated, modern style of sliding barn doors is an excellent choice for any corporate office setting, retail storefront, or healthcare facility. The experts at AD Systems will assist you in selecting the interior door solution that works best to fit your architectural plans.