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Doors are essential parts of office building and facility designs. They not only provide access but can serve as important security feature. They need to be functional, secure, and easily integrate into the style of the commercial space. For high quality and durability, AD Systems provides high performance solutions for architectural interiors. Whether your design calls for barn doors, officefronts or simply high performing acoustic options, AD Systems provides solutions for commercial offices, institutional spaces and medical facilities according to your specifications.

Barn Doors

AD Systems Barn Doors were developed as a functional and space saving sliding door solution. These doors work well in office environments, medical facilities, and even restrooms. The top hung door does not require a floor track and operates smoothly and quietly with a concealed sill guide. There are many options available to customize the barn doors. Panels are available in laminates, natural or stained wood, aluminum and composite materials. Glass panel options can be further customized with decorative, frosted, colored or privacy glass. AD Systems feature a unique aluminum frame design with a kynar painted finish; this frame affords greater acoustic and visual privacy and makes the doors lockable or latching as is often required but not easily achieved on sliding doors. The look of an AD Systems barn door can easily integrate into the style of the space with various hardware options that are also ADA compliant.

Acoustic Doors

Acoustic doors provided by AD Systems perform at a high level of noise isolation class (NIC) ratings. The high quality design and manufacturing of these doors make them beneficial for many design applications. Acoustical isolation is important in healthcare facilities, financial institutions, and many office environments. Acoustic sealing is available around the perimeter and at the bottom of the door. Doors from AD Systems can attain NIC ratings up to NIC 39 depending on the requirements for your space and product configuration. In addition to noise mitigation and isolation, acoustic doors offer privacy, space, and aesthetics. We document the acoustical performance of our doors and upon request can provide available acoustical test data.

Sliding Doors

AD Systems sliding doors offer many design solutions for commercial environments. Sliding doors increase the functionality of an area. They take up minimal space as compared to swinging, hinged doors that require large amounts of square footage for door swing and approach clearances.

AD Systems provides high quality doors throughout the US and the world to architects, designers and commercial customers. Our products are customized to meet the needs of commercial design projects. Our highly functional doors also meet the requirements of building codes and regulations. Contact AD Systems to learn more about how our door systems enhance a commercial environment. Request CAD or Revit details from our representatives so you can start your design project today.