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Over the years, there have been numerous advancements and developments in pretty much every facet of life. For the most part, what people were doing even a few years ago may not be done today. One area where this is particularly evident is with the design of buildings. With the use of CAD and 3D technology, architects now have the ability to really see what their concepts will look like, rather than just relying on flat drawings. While all of the progressions in the world of architecture are certainly good, often it pays to take ideas and concepts from the past and reuse or reconfigure them in a new way. This is where AD Systems comes in.

What is Old is New Again with AD Systems

When planning a building, architects have many different considerations. These are dependent on quite a few things, including who the client is, what the building will be used for, how it will be incorporated into the landscape, etc. An area of a building that may not be given a lot of thought but is still a critical component are the doors. No matter what kind of building it will be, doors obviously play a big role. And when things like privacy are important – such as for a medical office – AD Systems believes that architects should look to simple, efficient design for solutions.

AD Systems Offers the Best Barn Doors in the Business

Believe it or not, but barn doors can be a real asset to any building. The barn doors from AD Systems are designed especially for medical facilities and corporate offices. Barn doors are perfect for these types of businesses for a number or reasons. First of all, these doors are great when space is at a premium. Because they slide and do not have to swing open, this can save a lot of space. In addition, the AD Systems’ barn doors are top hung, which means that there is no exposed track on the floor, which could be a safety or code compliance issue. Plus, they operate almost completely silently and standard soft-closers, closing them will be just as quiet. These barn doors are excellent in places where more opening clearance is needed. They can often open wider than typical swinging doors where large door leaves can become obtrusive, so large pieces of equipment can go in an out with ease. The doors are also ADA compliant so they are accessible to occupants of all abilities.

Another reason why AD Systems’ barn doors would be an excellent addition to a building is because, quite simply, they look great. AD Systems’ doors are available in a variety of different materials, including wood, aluminum, and plastic laminates. Several finishes and colors are also available, which means that no matter what the color palette or style of an office may be, the barn doors by AD Systems will be able to fit right in and add to the décor.