hospital door Doors play a significant role in the interior design of a hospital. It’s crucial that they’re inviting in appearance and durable enough to withstand a constant flow of heavy traffic. AD Systems accommodates both of these requirements with their high quality hospital door solutions.

Common Applications in Hospital Design

There are a number of applications within a hospital that can benefit from sliding and acoustic doors. However, exam rooms and patient restrooms are two areas, in particular, where these hospital door systems make a considerable impact. Depending on egress and use requirements, the doors man also be good solutions for acute care rooms, suites, procedure rooms, emergency departments, X-ray rooms, clean rooms, labs and pharmacies.

Types of Hospital Door Systems

AD Systems offers hospital doors in a broad range of finishes, materials, and style options, with a variety of hardware and glazing details to choose from for the perfect finishing touch. Each door system will provide added value to a project in the areas of accessibility, efficient use of space, safety, hygiene, and privacy. Below are some of the features and benefits that can be expected when installing AD Systems’ products:

  • Sliding Doors: Sliding door systems are built into a top-hung design that operate by simply gliding along the length of the wall. As such, they give facilities up to 30 square feet more usable floor space than traditional swing doors. This also allows for a much wider passageway to easily maneuver hospital beds, equipment, and medical assistive devices, with no track in the floor to impede the wheels or to trip those walking in and out. AD Systems doors do NOT breakaway, but are applicable for use in hospital environments where there is not a breakaway requirement. The large clear openings (up to 6′) make them very useful for toilet rooms, suites and other non-critical care environments.
  • Acoustic Doors: Acoustic hospital door systems are specially designed to help reduce the large amount of noise pollution that’s standard in any busy and chaotic hospital setting. It is specifically vital to maintain a peaceful and calm atmosphere in patient rooms to promote rapid recoveries and to safeguard patient privacy. Acoustic doors are manufactured and tested to meet high Noise Isolation Class (NIC) ratings for increased privacy. In addition, patent-pending acoustic seals will eliminate the previous challenges architects and designers often faced with perimeter gaps.
  • Patient Restroom: Patient restrooms present unique demands in design due to limited space and safety factors. With traditional doors and layouts, patients are generally at risk of falling in hospital restrooms, but the installation of sliding doors will provide a much larger clearance for ADA and bariatric accessibility. AD Systems innovative frame design means that you have the option of using privacy locks (with override in case of emergency). Integrating markerboards or other functional surfaces into the door leaf further maximizes the efficient use of space with these door assemblies.
  • Smoke ratings and Air Infiltration: AD Systems doors are all offered with an option UL 1784 smoke rated design. The smoke rated system incorporates a drop seal that may also be useful for restricting airflow between spaces.

Why AD Systems is the Premier Supplier of Hospital Door Solutions

AD Systems is dedicated to providing innovative door solutions that meet the current needs of architects, designers, and facility managers in the commercial market, as well as the specifications for future projects. The company can be counted on to deliver the most suitable door systems, whether it’s for a new construction design or to give an existing facility a significant upgrade. The main goal at AD Systems is to supply the commercial construction industry with long-lasting doors that introduce a clean, sleek look while staying in compliance with all building and environmental codes and regulations.