acoustic performance doorsWhen someone seeks medical care, it often accompanies some sort of major incident or event. It could be related to a surgical procedure, health emergency, or possibly the birth of a child. Whatever the situation may be, even just routine care, the people involved are counting on the hospital or medical facility and staff to offer assistance. Making sure patients get the best help and support possible should be the number one priority of any medical facility. But to do that, a hospital or clinic also needs to focus on another important area: privacy. While patients in distress may not be too concerned about privacy at that moment, sensitive information is discussed in all types of doctor patient interactions and safeguarding this information as much as possible is an important priority. This is why hospitals need to have elements that will ensure everyone gets the privacy they require, and one important ways they can do this is with acoustic performance doors.

What acoustic performance doors offer

Acoustic performance doors are an excellent way to create and foster privacy in a hospital or other healthcare setting. Acoustic doors typically feature gasketing and purposeful design to eliminate gaps at the perimeter or bottom of a door. Acoustic performance used to be something that was not possible with sliding doors, but with AD Systems top hung sliding door design that features a wrap frame, perimeter gaskets and optional drop seal, high levels of acoustic performance can be achieved while also meeting accessibility requirements. This ensures patients having conversations with doctor’s won’t be heard by passersby, medical staff discussing patients or treatment can have some assurance they can speak while maintaining HIPAA standards in their workspaces and also that patients will not be disrupted by noises outside of the exam or treatment room they are occupying.

Improved space-saving abilities

Extra space can often be difficult to find in a medical facility. Frequently hospitals are designed to treat and house as many patients as possible, which means that conditions can easily become cramped. This is another reason to utilize high performance sliding doors. When they open internally, swinging doors immediately make a good portion of a room unusable. As a result, a lot of valuable real estate is being wasted. Sliding doors allow every square foot of a room to be used. The biggest benefit for a hospital is that space can be better allocated for whatever is needed, including staff, equipment, furniture, and patients.

AD Systems offers professional-grade acoustic performance doors

Privacy is one of those things that can never be ignored or neglected in a medical setting. With this in mind, AD Systems has created the best acoustic performance doors on the market. They are designed to offer optimal sound-dampening and allow patients to get the privacy to which they are entitled. In addition, the acoustic performance doors from AD Systems provide exceptional space-saving abilities. They also come in a variety of style, design, and color choices that will enhance the décor and aesthetic of any medical facility.