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They may not get a lot of attention, but doors play a very big role in our everyday lives. Chances are, without giving it a second thought, someone goes in and out of different doors dozens of times a day, whether at home, work, or really any building they visit. And the truth is, doors are important, especially in a work setting. When it comes to meetings where sensitive informative might be exchanged, the only thing keeping it from being overheard is the door. This is why, when a building is being designed, it is vital that the right doors are included in the plans. Medical facilities, in particular, require the best doors available, and this is where acoustic doors can be very beneficial.

What are the Advantages of Acoustic Doors for Health Offices?

Just as privacy is a big concern for a wide variety of businesses, it is of paramount importance for a medical office. Anything involving health is a very personal aspect of someone’s life, so when they go to a facility to discuss these issues, they want to know that their privacy will always be protected. This is one of the central reasons to utilize acoustic doors. These doors are designed and constructed specifically to keep sound from escaping. Whether it is doctors or other medical personnel talking to patients or family members, the conversations will stay absolutely private. Clinics and hospitals can cause anxiety in some people, but this is one less thing that patients should have to worry about.

The other big benefit of acoustic doors is noise control. Medical buildings can be very loud and disruptive places. Due to emergencies, as well as large groups of people coming in and out, noise is often a problem. However, with acoustic doors used for patient rooms, they will never know anybody else is in the building. Just as the sound inside stays there, this also works the other way. Any ambient noise from people in the hallway or somewhere else nearby will not be able get through those soundproof doors. Acoustic doors are particularly good for people who may be recovering from a treatment or procedure and need to rest soundly. To further mitigate noise, acoustic doors slide on a smooth roller system, which makes them virtually silent when opened and closed. This is a vast difference in comparison to traditional swinging doors. Theses types of doors typically make a lot of noise, either when hitting a wall or doorstop when opened or being shut too roughly.

Anyone who has ever spent time in an exam or patient room in a medical facility knows all about sound, both outside and in. This is why designers and architects have to pay very close attention to the materials they use for these types of buildings. When it comes to privacy and noise control, not just anything will do. Only acoustic doors can address both issues simply and effectively. AD Systems offers a complete line of acoustic doors that meet all criteria for soundproofing. In fact, the materials can provide various degrees of sound mitigation, depending on whether the door is mainly constructed of wood, metal or glass. AD Systems’ line of acoustic doors offer many other options in finishes, hardware and accessories. Contact us for specifications and guidance as to the best solution for your project.