acoustic doors Acoustic doors can be an issue without proper installation.  Acoustical separation issues have been a noted problem in hospitals and other medical facilities for years. These environments are full of constant talking, confidential and personal discussions, busy people and equipment being moved about, and a mix of public and private spaces,  all of which make it difficult for patients to ever feel completely at ease, not to mention the fact that medical facilities are just inherently stressful in and of themselves for many people. There are several different soundproofing solutions that architects can incorporate into their designs to improve patient comfort, and amongst them, a good door that effective seals openings is essential.

Recognizing the significance of interior doors and all the purposes they serve, especially in medical environments, AD Systems has made it their goal to supply professional architects with quality sliding acoustic door systems. With an endless number of style and feature options offered by AD Systems, architects, designers, and facility managers are likely to find exactly what they need to help safeguard privacy and control noise. Many healthcare environments have already discovered the following benefits that come from installing acoustic doors.

Maximize Patient Privacy

How comfortable a patient feels while receiving medical treatment is often directly related to privacy concerns, acoustical and otherwise. Anything pertaining to a doctor or hospital visit has the potential to increase stress and a feeling that private discussions are not truly private can only exacerbate patient fears. Clinic and hospital patients must be confident in knowing any conversations they have with their healthcare providers and loved ones will remain confidential to the extent possible. A high-performing acoustic door installation from AD Systems helps to ensure that sounds from interaction aren’t able to escape out of the room or that when providers are speaking with one another in “back of the house” settings, those conversations do not travel into exam rooms or common areas.

Provide Comfort for Recovering Patients

When patients are recuperating from a procedure or illness, whether it’s in a hospital or outpatient clinic, it’s critical that they are provided with the comfort necessary to fully recover. Perpetual background noise and movement throughout the facility tends to result in a lack of sleep and higher stress levels that contribute to the longer recovery times of patients. Adding an acoustic door to patient and exam rooms will not only decrease the amount of sound that is allowed to slip through, but also become a vital part of the healing process.

 Comply With HIPAA Guidelines

Medical establishments must also keep in mind the regulations that HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) laws have put into place regarding patient privacy. Therefore, if personal exchanges can be heard through doors, it could be viewed as a breach of those guidelines. Fortunately, an acoustic door system will take care of facilities when it comes to complying with HIPAA requirements and alleviate the concern of not having an appropriate concealment solution.

AD Systems Acoustic Doors

 The team at AD Systems has years of expertise in reducing noise in places where it’s essential to have a quieter, more private atmosphere. The company’s acoustic door products are ideal for creating the kind of environment medical facilities need in order to keep patients as comfortable as possible.