acoustic doorAs architects and designers begin each new commercial project, one of their top considerations must be sound control. This is what leads them to seek out the best acoustic door solutions. Professional and healthcare environments require noise levels to be maintained within certain parameters to ensure work conditions and quality of life are held to a high standard.

AD Systems – Acoustic Door Specialists

AD Systems is proud to be an industry leader in supplying top-of-the-line acoustic sliding door systems that help architects and designers accomplish their goals of reducing noise to an acceptable degree. These doors provide the ultimate in functionality, allowing fluid movement from one area to another while supporting acoustic mitigation requirements in a wide variety of office and medical facility applications. Operating on an overhead track system, products are designed to address previous concerns regarding perimeter gaps. The option is also given to add full-perimeter acoustic seal systems and drop down bottom seals for enhanced isolation.

Benefits of Acoustic Doors in Commercial Settings

There are important advantages to installing acoustic door systems in professional office spaces and healthcare facilities, where achieving minimal sound transmission is a priority. Although acoustic sliding doors are not completely soundproof, they are essential in any environment where too much noise could create potential problems.

  • Promote Higher Levels of Productivity: In commercial settings that tend to be bustling with activity most of the time, it can be difficult for professionals to concentrate on the tasks in front of them. When office employees and medical staff are consistently having their attention diverted because of high volumes of noise all around them, it leads to a significant decrease in efficiency. Even more importantly, it can result in serious mistakes. Acoustic doors are crucial in this type of situation to alleviate the stress of distractions and promote higher levels of productivity.
  • Preserve Privacy: Acoustic door designs are especially vital in office buildings and healthcare establishments where the privacy of occupants must be upheld. Acoustic doors allow confidential conversations to remain confined to the area in which they’re being conducted and eliminate the unease of potentially being overheard, they can attain the goal of “speech privacy.” In office spaces, this is important when companies are talking about private employee matters, going over classified product development information, discussing specific business strategies, or meeting with clients. For the medical sector, it’s critical to keep in mind that acoustics are directly related to patient comfort and recovery, as well as HIPAA regulations. Patients must have a quiet, relaxing atmosphere to recover in from procedures or illnesses, and they should always be able to talk with medical personnel with a the security of knowing their information will not be overheard.

AD Systems’ Products Are a Sound Choice to Meet Acoustic Door Needs

AD Systems offers sliding door solutions that have been tested to meet much higher Noise Isolation Class (NIC) levels that typical sliding doors. This test data is made available to architects and designers upon request. The company has a comprehensive range of noise reducing door systems in different finish, color, and size options. Using their extensive knowledge and experience, the team at AD Systems can assist industry professionals in selecting the right products to meet the needs of a specific project.