acoustic doorToday, there is quite a bit of emphasis being placed on privacy when it comes to construction projects for the commercial market. Acoustical comfort is a major factor to which architects, designers, and facility managers must pay close attention when adding elements such as windows, walls, floors, and doors into their building layouts. Doors, in particular, play a significant role in maintaining a private atmosphere, which is especially important in office and healthcare environments. Incorporating a quality-made acoustic door into room designs is the ideal solution for providing commercial settings with the level of privacy they require.

The professionals at AD Systems are experts in the field of acoustic doors and have helped many architects find just the right products to suit the individual needs of their clients. These doors can be counted on to deliver powerful sound absorption qualities.

Importance of Privacy in Modern Design

Implementing the right amount of privacy in a commercial construction project can prove to be a challenge, and oftentimes, it ends up going overlooked. Without rooms and designated areas that employees and patients can count on to be quiet and able to contain confidential conversations, a number of problems can arise. Some offices deal with the legalities of client privilege while others must have somewhere private to discuss sensitive client data or human resource situations. When it comes to designing medical facilities, there are clear protocols that must be followed with regard to HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and the guidelines that are put in place to protect patient privacy. Fortunately, more and more architects and designers are realizing that they can cater to the issue of privacy with the simple addition of an acoustic door.

Privacy Features

The sliding barn door systems supplied by AD Systems are manufactured with acoustics specifically in mind. Just as noise is blocked from filtering inside a room, it is also kept from leaking out. These acoustic doors meet the stringent regulations of modern office and medical facility designs by addressing the perimeter gaps that were once a concern with sliding doors. Special acoustic seals can be applied, as well, to reinforce the idea of creating a private space.

Additional Benefits of the Acoustic Door

Even though privacy may be the top priority on a construction project, there are several additional benefits to be gained from installing acoustic doors from AD Systems. Unlike traditional doors that swing open, sliding doors save a great deal of space. This is significant in commercial buildings where every usable inch is generally taken up by things like equipment and furniture. AD Systems also offers numerous finish and glass options, which gives architects and designers a wide range of materials from which to choose, as well as the opportunity to customize the perfect door for their clients.

The best way to keep the privacy of any office or healthcare facility intact is to incorporate acoustic doors into their interior design. AD Systems makes it much easier for architects and designers to develop a building with high acoustical performance.

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