acoustic doorThe past several years have seen a major trend towards open plan work environments with the goal of creating a more collaborative workplace. These spaces can foster communication amongst employees and contribute to a team environment by literally removing barriers that visually separate coworkers. One problem that has arisen, however, concerns privacy. Not too many people were fond of cubicles, but they provided at least a little bit of isolation from both the visual and acoustic perspective. Because confidentiality can be extremely important for a business, offices have to be designed more intelligently. Even if the open layout will remain, it is possible to offer everyone privacy with the use of an acoustic door on individual offices.

What is an acoustic door?

An acoustic door is built for the purpose of cutting down on noise. Using the latest acoustical isolation design features, these doors are excellent at containing noise within an office and preventing outside noise from seeping in. When considering acoustic doors, it is critical to evaluate the performance of the entire assembly as it is no only the door leaf itself that is crucial to performance, but the perimeter around the door slab. Gaps between the door and frame and door and floor are often the most vulnerable places for sound transmission to occur and no amount of added insulation it the slab can compensate for big spaces around the perimeter.

Who benefits from an acoustic door?

Essentially everyone in an office will reap the rewards of good performing acoustic doors appropriately placed. When an employee needs to have a conversation with a manager or perhaps someone in HR, they can be sure that whatever is said will not be overheard. . An acoustic door is ideal for a hospital or medical facility for the same reasons. When offering sensitive medical information, patients and family members want to make sure that everything is as private as possible. Noise control is also an important component of a health care facility. Some patients require a lot of rest or sleep, and if they do not get it, there could be negative consequences. A hospital can be a loud place, and an acoustic door will keep out unwanted sounds.

An acoustic door is also exceptional for boosting productivity

The same properties that make an acoustic door perfect for privacy can also contribute to an increase in productivity. Noise can be a huge productivity killer and can easily derail focus. When that noise is kept to an absolute minimum, employees will be able to better concentrate and get more done. No matter which side of the door someone will be on, they will not be disturbed or interrupted by noise.

AD Systems is the top supplier of acoustic doors

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