sliding barn door lockToday, businesses and healthcare facilities really can’t do enough to boost their security. From physical security and access control to employee safety, there are many considerations for owners and architects. Much of the current emphasis is on electronic access, video monitoring and technology based solutions. However, businesses should not forget about an important – albeit low tech – security measure: locks. Sometimes, a good, strong lock can make all the difference in preventing crime. Buildings that utilize sliding barn doors have to ensure that each sliding barn door lock is effective.

The Benefits of Enhanced Security

Employee and Owner Peace of Mind

The security of offices and workplaces should not detract from the business of the day.  Of course, every workplace should have a relaxed atmosphere. This allows every employee to be their most comfortable, which will lead to increased productivity.

Improved Access Control

In addition to keeping the wrong people out of a commercial facility, a strong sliding barn door lock does more. Additionally, it can protect valuable documents or equipment. Much of the theft businesses experience comes from the inside, but better control of access rights can help prevent this. Electronic locks allowing for important aspects of data control and collection.

Better privacy

At times, important meetings or conversations have to take place behind a closed and locked door. To avoid interruptions or to ensure information stays private, having a door with a good lock is essential.

Each AD Systems’ Door Comes with a Durable Sliding Barn Door Lock

AD Systems makes top quality sliding doors for the workplace, including:

– OfficeSlide™, specially engineered for corporate offices

– ExamSlide™, designed for medical facilities

– InsetSlide™, created for offices with limited space

Each door system comes with different locking options. Every system is available with ADA-compliant locks and latches. Additionally, they can include locks that open with keys or magnetic locks that require keycards. Also, there are a number of latching choices, including key locks from the outside and thumb turns from the inside. In addition, doors can come with occupancy indicators.

AD Systems Designs Doors with Safety in Mind

Offices can no longer afford to take safety lightly. For better protection that will make everyone feel more comfortable…count on AD Systems for improved door security. Contact AD Systems for more information.