self closing sliding glass doorA self closing sliding glass door presents a variety of advantages for medical facilities. However, it’s important to compare feature sets and choose the one that offers the best performance. In this case, the choice is clear: the ExamSlide™ from AD Systems, designed specifically to meet the needs of medical professionals. Now, let’s take a look at how this door’s feature set makes it stand out.

Who is AD Systems?

Washington-based AD Systems has created innovative sliding door systems since 2009. Their popular “interior storefront” package initially gained popularity for its extreme versatility and ease-of-use.

AD Systems offered something no one else had at the time — a sliding barn door with good acoustical performance achieved via its innovative frame design. This improvement also allowed the doors to be locakable and easily cleaned and protected the gypsum wall openings.

After their initial success, AD Systems noticed strong demand for their doors in the medical field. They set out to design a door specifically tailored to the needs of medical facilities — the ExamSlide.

What Self-Closing Sliding Doors Help Achieve

Today, self-closing sliding doors are in high demand for medical facilities. This blog goes into more detail on their numerous benefits — here are a few highlights:

  • Space savings of up to 30 feet per doorway vs traditional swinging doors
  • Reduces time doors spend open, lowering chance of contamination
  • Increases accessibility for people with physical disabilities
  • Lowers sound transmission with advanced acoustic technology, thereby increasing privacy protection
  • Can be specified to achieve UL 1784 smoke ratings or to limit air infiltration

All of these features are available in all AD Systems’ doors, but the ExamSlide goes above and beyond. AD Systems has refined the best of these qualities into a medical door with truly outstanding performance.

A Self Closing Sliding Glass Door with the Features You Need

The ExamSlide is now available with self-closing technology and also features:

  • Soft-close technology that prevents slamming and smashed fingers
  • Patent-pending four-sided acoustic gasketing for maximum privacy protection
  • Sturdy top-hung roller system for low-maintenance operation

These features have made the ExamSlide an integral part of major medical projects. Payson, Utah’s Mountain View Hospital and Puyallup, WA’s Group Health Cooperative are two striking examples. (For more great work from AD Systems, check out their project gallery.)

If you’d like to investigate a self closing sliding glass door that truly performs, call AD Systems today at 425-374-1360. You can also contact them online for a free quote.