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AD Systems has created some of the highest quality barn doors available. They pride themselves on creating the best barn door solution for medical facilities nationwide. AD Systems improves the service, cost and space utilization with every aspect of their barn door design.


Here are eight reasons why every medical facility needs AD Systems’ barn doors:

Little Maintenance

AD Systems’ state-of-the-art barn doors were created with simplicity in mind. The basic hardware elements of these doors operate smoothly with a minimum of attention. The doors are built with tough, top-hung construction that is dependable. Even in high volume areas, i.e., the openings onto the corridor of a medical facility, these doors are engineered to glide quietly and with no visible tracks to accumulate debris or inhibit rolling carts or wheelchairs.

Space Saving

The sliding design of the AD Systems’ barn doors offers space-saving efficiency. As the barn doors tightly hug the walls, up to 30 square feet of space per door is saved (when compared to a traditional swinging door). Exam rooms, restrooms and other areas are often very tight spaces that must incorporate furniture, fixtures, clearances and occupants. Space is valuable and sliding doors can often be most economical solution for most facilities. Space savings equals budget savings and efficiency.

Seamless “wrap-around” Jambs

Often, potential clients’ aren’t sure about the appearance of barn doors. May sliding kits include only wheels and a track and do not address the perimeter around the door opening. This can leave the wall vulnerable to damage by occupant traffic and equipment and can be a major eyesore once the drywall is damaged, not to mention one that is very costly to fix.  AD Systems has designed state-of-the-art barn doors with jambs that wrap around the wall construction for easy installation, to protect openings, and to seal up the gaps around the doors to promote better visual and acoustical privacy. They are also easier to clean. By wrapping the wall construction, both the appearance and durability are improved.

ADA Compliant

AD Systems creates products designed to work in all medical environments. Door opening dimension and hardware clearances are carefully maintained. There are no exposed floor tracks. Operating force is maintained according to ADA guidelines. Hardware is design to be ADA compliant.

 Wheelchair Accessible

AD Systems barn doors are available created in widths that allow wheelchairs (including bariatric wheelchairs) to easily enter, along with hospital beds and other medical equipment. AD Systems’ barn doors are also created with handles and locks positioned to allow easy accessibility.

Wide Variety of Options Available

Every AD Systems’ barn door is available with a large range of options. There is a choice, not only of size, style, and materials, but additional features can include:

  • Marker board panels
  • Magnetic glass insets
  • Integral blinds
  • Acoustical seals
  • Smoke ratings
  • Self-closing and self-latching operation
  • Choice of locks, latches and security card readers

…and more!

Soft Closing

The AD Systems’ dual soft-close feature is standard on all barn doors. This system provides a gentle closing action that ensures the end of loud slamming door noises, or patients and equipment being pinched by a sliding door. The second soft closer prevents bangs from a door being aggressively opened.

Noise Mitigation

Noise levels and privacy issues are a primary concern in any medical facility. The acoustical seal offered by AD Systems on their barn doors can resolve those concerns. AD Systems’ high performance acoustic design allows private conversations (negotiations, medical consultations, etc.) to stay private. Speech privacy is maintained between the room and adjacent corridor or other space.

 Don’t Settle for Less

AD Systems offers barn doors with numerous benefits for any medical facility. Their barn doors are created by addressing the complex requirements of a medical facility. The quality of these doors makes them the perfect solution for any professional building. For further information please contact the experienced staff at AD Systems.

Phone: 425.374.1360


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