barn doors 6 Benefits of Barn Doors

When designing office spaces and healthcare facilities, there’s so much to consider. People generally don’t think too much about the types of doors they’d like to have installed. Luckily, the professional architects they work with, realize that doors are a very important feature, factoring into the overall look and functionality of any building. That’s why so many architects have started to turn to sliding barn doors to complete their projects. AD Systems, a leading barn door supplier, shares the benefits of installing these track-hanging doors in any commercial setting.


One of the biggest advantages to using barn doors in corporate offices and healthcare facilities is that they are major space savers. Doors usually need a wide berth to be able to swing all the way open, making it necessary to leave space empty around it, that could be utilized for things like desks, storage cabinets, or medical equipment. With barn doors, as long as there is enough wall space to allow for the capability of sliding open and shut, there’s no cause for concern about having less floor space. This is an important consideration, when you can save on the high cost per square foot in a building. You must make maximum use of every square foot of floor space.


The lightweight design of barn doors makes it easy for anyone to open them, and they conform to all ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) specifications. This is specifically helpful in hospitals and medical offices where there are likely to be small children and weak patients who aren’t able to handle the weight of a standard door. Heavier doors are also prone to sticking, making it very difficult to open and close without some force, unlike a hanging, sliding door.

 Easy Installation

Another reason barn doors are popular among architects, is their ease of installation. Traditional doors require construction, but barn doors simply need to be securely assembled onto a track installed along a mounting board that is anchored to the wall. Minimal tools, materials, and time are needed to complete the job.


In addition to leaving more space around the door area, barn doors are extremely convenient when it comes to moving things through them. Medical and office equipment are often large items that are difficult to wedge through a conventional doorframe. However, there are no problems when you have the extra space that barn doors offer.

 Aesthetically Pleasing  

Doors aren’t usually recognized as aesthetically pleasing or charming, but the uniqueness and style of barn doors has changed this. There is a wide array of design options available for barn doors, as well as the opportunity to customize them to fit whatever ambiance a particular client or building demands. Finishes range from rustic woods to those that are more simplistic and modern. Custom options, such as tinted or etched glass or whiteboards can be incorporated to add functionality to barn doors.


Commercial businesses must always think about the safety of their employees and visitors in and around the building’s premises. Architects that provide a solution for safer doors will always be recognized for their quality work. Barn doors are already designed to slide smoothly and gently across the track, but the added option of attaching soft closers increases protection against pinched hands and fingers.


Whether updating offices and medical establishments or creating blueprints for brand new ones, professional architects can’t go wrong with incorporating barn doors into their design. AD Systems works with clients worldwide to ensure buildings are getting the best barn door products available for each unique project.