interior glass barn doors Interior Glass Barn Doors

Doors are a necessary part of any building’s design plans, and yet, the very important role they play is often overlooked. From the beginning stages of a construction or renovation project, the architect should carefully consider how to integrate this feature in the most suitable way to optimize functionality and aesthetics for the client. This is especially true when it comes to office spaces, where doors are an integral part of the layout for many reasons. With interior glass barn doors from AD Systems, an architect’s job is made much easier. These high quality sliding door systems offer several benefits that set them apart from traditional swinging doors.

Increase in Natural Lighting

When employees are sitting inside an office all day under bright fluorescent lights with only little glimpses of natural daylight here and there, it can affect their productivity. Interior glass barn doors help to increase the natural lighting that’s allowed to shine through perimeter spaces into core areas of the office floorplate. Aside from re-energizing employees through connecting them with the outdoor environment and the benefits of daylighting, this type of design can also to cut down on energy costs by reducing reliance to artificial lighting.

Foster an Open and Inviting Environment

Many offices are opting to go for open floor plans to promote a more collaborative workspace amongst employees. Even with this kind of arrangement, doors will need to be placed in certain areas to maintain privacy for conference rooms, teaming spaces or telephone rooms. Installing interior glass barn doors supports this type of layout, as they tend to have a more “open” feel than swing door designs often do, encouraging the use of these private spaces when necessary.

Provide Extra Space

One of the biggest advantages architects can give their clients by incorporating interior glass barn doors into their design is the extra space that comes along with them. These sliding doors hang from the top with no need for a track on the floor, leaving the threshold wide open to move sizeable pieces of furniture and office equipment right through with no problem. In addition, valuable floor space won’t be taken up by the ample room that swinging doors need to open and close. This means more space for office furnishings, storage, communications equipment or perhaps bean bag chairs and ping pong tables.

Allow Versatility in Design and Size

Interior glass barn doors can be designed in a wide variety of styles and sizes to complement any office setting. Their sleek appearance lends a sense of modernity and efficienty, which will impress employees, business clients, and office visitors. There are many frames, finishes, hardware, and glazing options to choose from, and AD Systems can tailor the look and specifications of any sliding door system to a particular client’s requirements. From traditional legal environments to quirky high tech startup spaces, these doors appear at home in a wide range of workplace settings.

Facilitate Noise Reduction

It may come as a surprise to some, but interior glass barn doors can actually provide very good acoustics, which are essential in an office space. Their ability to keep phone conversations, private meetings, and other noises from trickling through the office makes sliding doors a good feature to incorporate in any building design or renovation where speech privacy is a concern. AD Systems innovative acoustic seals and perimeter design ensure that privacy is not compromised by your selection of sliding doors for a project.

Architects are sure to win their clients over by presenting interior solid or glass barn doors by AD Systems as the perfect solution for their office needs.