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In today’s business world, office spaces play a large part in the overall efficiency and success of a company. Professional architects are seeing more and more clients turn to open floor plans to promote a more cohesive environment, which generally disposes of closed doors and secluded workstations. While the idea behind this is great for many reasons, it actually means that more attention should be paid to the areas where doors are still needed. That’s why barn doors have proven time and time again to be the number one answer to an architect’s design challenge. It takes a lot of creativity to specially design doors that will uphold an open, inviting layout and still protect the need to have private conversations in places such as conference rooms and human resource departments. The sliding door systems found at AD Systems feature the following benefits.

Acoustic Performance

No matter what kind of business a client is running, architects must be mindful of sound transmission for both privacy and productivity reasons. A certain level of acoustic performance is required for office doors in order to maintain confidentiality with human resource issues, as well as client privilege in certain circumstances. In addition, this allows employees a quiet area that is sometimes needed to make phone calls or to focus on particularly complex projects without interruption or distraction from the rest of the office. The barn doors provided by AD Systems are manufactured to comply with sound transmission class (STC) standards to support soundproofing for sensitive situations. There is also the opportunity to attach acoustic seals for those who require extra isolation.


Whether a business owner prefers the more classic, refined appearance of flush wood or desires a chic, modern appearance with aluminum stile and decorative glass, architects are able to meet each of their client’s unique needs with AD Systems’ barn doors. A major benefit of the sliding doors offered by AD Systems is that the style options are endless, making them a suitable choice when trying to complement any office setting. Selections can be made from a number of finishes, colored glass, translucent glass, resin panels, integral blinds, and an array of hardware selections to complete just the look a client is going for.

 Space Preservation

One of the biggest expenses of operating a business is paying for the office location itself. This makes every inch of space valuable, and having a portion of that taken up by traditional, hinged, outward-swinging doors isn’t the most efficient solution. Fortunately, architects can accommodate their clients by incorporating barn doors into their blueprints. The arrangement of sliding doors frees up a lot of precious floor space to allow for additional desks, filing cabinets, and other necessary office furniture and equipment.

Barn doors can make a significant difference in how well professional architects are able to create the exact type of office a business owner has envisioned for their company. AD Systems will assist in making sure a project is delivered with the very best of its functionality and design abilities.