Commercial Acoustic Sliding DoorsAD Systems and Sliding Doors

Are you considering specifying sliding doors in your latest project? Sliding doors can sometimes be a tough sell to clients who don’t understand the many benefits. Most people think in terms of conventional doors, perhaps only considering sliding doors only for specific spaces such as exterior patios or small restrooms.

There are many opportunities to use sliding doors outside of their conventional placement when you are designing a new building or renovating existing space. Here are three spaces that sliding doors work exceptionally well:

Closets in Hallways and Lobbies

If your client has a public space, such as a lobby, hallway or conference room, and a need for storage space in that area, a sliding door may be the answer. Sliding doors can beautifully and seamlessly conceal office supplies, boxes, and even the equipment racks necessary in a modern conference room. When a sliding door is closed, it will blend against the wall or can even used as a functional surface with the addition of markerboard panels. With no swing space required, you can still use the entire square footage in front of and around the sliding door. You’ve worked hard on the aesthetics of your client’s public spaces – a conventional swing door doesn’t have to clutter the area.

Sliding Doors for Restrooms

Patient restrooms pose a specific challenge to architects designing healthcare facilities. A wide door opening is often required to accommodate not just wheelchairs, but unwieldy IV and bariatric equipment. Specifications often require door openings as wide as 48 inches, but small hospital rooms do not have the space to accommodate such a wide swing for a conventional door.

AD Systems’ sliding doors are designed to meet ADA requirements for operating force and hardware design and clearance.  They also feature top hung design, eliminating floor tracks and other mobility hazards at the opening. Soft closers are standard on the doors to guard against door slams and pinched fingers and also serve the purpose of keeping the doors in a closed position to ensure a greater level of privacy for room occupants.


AD Systems is a trusted name in creating officefront doors for top businesses and healthcare facilities. Whether you are looking to use sliding doors  for private offices, conference rooms or other shared spaces, officefronts from AD systems provide a wide variety of styles and options to meet a range of aesthetic and performance requirements.

Available with decorative glazing, resins, solid infill panels, markerboards, magnetic glass, and other glazing options, our officefront door systems offer great flexibility in incorporating glass for daylighting or decorative purposes. They can be customized to meet a wide range of styles from traditional to contemporary.