sliding barn doorsArchitects are always seeking out the latest in terms of product and design innovations. This is why many are now deciding to use elements such as sliding doors that are a different approach to openings. Sliding barn doors are becoming popular for some of the following reasons:

A unique design

Few architects want to design something commonplace or overly standard. This is one area where sliding barn doors can contribute to design. Because they are visually distinctive and there is some novelty to their operation, immediately these doors add an interesting new component to an office or medical facility.

Sliding doors also offer a full range of customization: they can feature many different finishes, veneers, glazing materials and hardware to suit any the aesthetics of any project.

Noise control

One of the biggest complaints in most workplaces is noise. When people have to concentrate on their work, any sort of unwanted noise can be a huge distraction. But sliding barn doors can help mitigate annoying sounds. These doors offer acoustic isolation in order to prevent noise from leaking out of an office and affecting other workers.

Noise in medical facilities presents another range of problems beyond its impact on communication and concentration. When people in medical facilities need to rest for recovery, they require as much silence as possible.

Sliding barn doors offer a quieter operation that most swing doors. Those by AD systems offer acoustical performance on par with fully gasketed swing doors.

Maximization of space

Every business owner wants to get the most usage out of all of the rooms in their building. In fact, this is often one of the mandates given to an architect. But regular swinging doors do not provide the best solution. They intrude upon the space within a room with a swing path and approach clearance requirements.

Barn doors are inherently much more space efficient because they slide along a wall with only a minimal projection and they d not interfere with the space within a room. Now much more of the total square footage can be utilized. With current real estate prices, every square foot is valuable and needs to produce a return on investment.

InsetSlide™ sliding barn doors

AD Systems makes sliding barn doors for both corporate offices and medical centers. In addition, there is the InsetSlide system, which offers a unique barn door with integral sidelite solution for any type of occupancy. These doors are inset into a wall opening as opposed to being surface mounted like most barn doors.

With InsetSlide™, there are many configuration options for both the door leaves (flush wood, wood with a glass lite or aluminum stile and rail with glass). and for the sidelite which can use a range of infill panels like glass, markerboards or other solid surfaces. InsetSlide can incorporate locks, latches and features like acoustical performance and smoke ratings just as is the case with the ExamSlide of OfficeSlide products.