Commercial Sliding DoorsThese days, offices and other buildings intended for businesses are built much more thoughtfully than they used to be. Because now there is so much more access to information and data, there is much more intentional focus on space planning for companies and their employees. There is also close attention placed on every component. Because all elements play a role in how a company functions, nothing can be ignored. Doors, for example, may not seem as though they have much of an impact on a business, but the truth is they play an important role. Not all doors are the same, and the wrong ones could have a big – albeit, subtle – negative effect on how a company operates. And, conversely, when the right types of doors are used, positive things happen. This is most evident when commercial sliding doors are substituted for traditional swinging doors. Benefits can be seen and felt almost immediately. These include:

Space Savings

Commercial sliding doors simply require less floor space than their swinging counterparts. This means more space can be dedicated to furnishings, equipment or building more offices that enhance productivity and directly impact the bottom line of a commercial space.

Enhanced privacy

Due to their sound-blocking abilities, commercial sliding doors give workers confidence that their phone or face-to-face conversations will not be overheard. These doors are particularly good for meeting or conference rooms where important information is shared. AD Systems has invested heavily in designing sliding doors that meet needs for speech privacy, reliability, aesthetics and accessibility.

Less noise

Not only do sliding doors ensure noise does not affect work, they also do not create any. Unlike many swinging doors that can be very loud when slammed or even just shut briskly, commercial sliding doors by AD Systems with quite rolling technology and standard dual soft closers barely make a sound when closed.

Easier usage

Another advantage of sliding doors is that they can easily be used by anyone. Because there is no knob to turn or handle to pull, operation is simple. For many users, not having to “push through” a swing door while using an assistive device or when your hands are full of paperwork or other items is a distinct advantage. The commercial sliding doors produced by AD Systems comply with ADA regulations for clear openings and hardware usability.

The businesses that can most benefit from commercial sliding doors

Commercial sliding doors can be helpful for almost any company, but especially:

Medical facilities

Any sort of clinic or hospital can take advantage of commercial sliding doors. Noise can be a big problem in medical facilities, especially for patients trying to rest and throughout clinics where patient privacy is a concern. Because medical facilities are tasked with moving many patients through as efficiently as possible, the space savings offered by a sliding door can make a major impact on design.

Financial institutions

Any business that works with large sums of money would be unwise not to make discretion a big priority. This is especially true when deals and transactions are frequently conducted. Again, commercial sliding doors are designed to keep sound from seeping out, so conversations can be had without the danger of someone outside hearing. AD Systems sliding door products also offer the advantage of being able to secure the doors with key locks or access control devices to ensure physical security.

Tech Companies

Much like financial institutions, the IP discussions at tech companies often require a high level of acoustical privacy and physical security. AD Systems has worked with many technology clients to provide reliable doors that suit the functional aesthetic needs of their dynamic workplaces.

For the most effective and efficient commercial sliding doors, companies rely on AD Systems. Fully customizable, their doors come with a variety of hardware and decorative options. To find out which of AD Systems’ products and options best suit the needs of your project, contact our specialists today.