glass conference roomWhen creating a new office or renovating an old one, there are a lot of choices that have to be made. Because conference rooms play a key role in a business, they can’t be overlooked. Today, many companies decide to go with a glass conference room in order to achieve these benefits:

The illusion of space

While large corporations may have huge conference rooms in their buildings, most smaller businesses have much more modest accommodations. But even a conference room that is not very big can appear larger when the walls are made of glass. A glass conference room is a great way to eliminate the feeling of small, cramped spaces. Many conference spaces are interior rooms with no windows. Therefore, glass walls create a brighter environment, while enhancing the space and worker morale.

Balanced transparency

Glass conference rooms allow for visual communication by people on both sides of the partition, while providing a physical and acoustical separation. Often times it is important to know where people are, comings and goings etc. Consequently, glass allows for that to take place even when individuals are in separate spaces.

Improved productivity

Conference rooms serve as work spaces as well and not just for meetings. And when this is the case, productivity is important. A glass conference room can boost it in a couple different ways. First, more natural light aids in employees being more productive. Secondly, when someone knows that everyone can see them they are much more likely to stay focused and work harder. Glass creates a more pleasant environment, enhancing the space where important or frequent meetings happen.

Design flexibility

Though most conference rooms tend to make use of clear glass, there are in fact many different options that can be used to enhance the interior design of an office environment. They also create areas of privacy or bring in functional elements. Colored glass, textured glass and glass with logos or other graphic enhancements are popular ways to bring high design to a glass conference room. Frosts, shaded areas of graphic of things like switchable electrostatic glass or integral blinds allow for a balance of privacy and visibility.

Sound control

There is a general perception that glass does not offer great acoustical privacy. While thinner glass is generally less of an acoustic isolator than thicker wall construction, there are in fact many good performing laminated and insulated glass products that can make speech privacy in a glass conference room a reality. When sound control is a concern, it is important to pay special attention to the doors and their integration into a system. Thankfully, AD Systems has long focused on making sliding door and partition systems that raise the level of acoustic performance possible.

AD Systems has the right door for your glass conference room

There is a door system specifically for conference rooms and other parts of an office available at AD Systems. The OfficeSlide system is designed to save space, let in more light, boost productivity, and enhance privacy. Check out our CAD and Revit files and system details to see how it can enhance your workplace project.