interior sliding barn doors Architects and designers will find that sliding barn doors offer a practical solution for a variety of commercial office environments. AD Systems’ sliding barn door products incorporate functionality with a space-saving design. Common applications are commercial interiors, medical facilities, exam rooms, and even restrooms. Here are some of the reasons Interior Sliding Barn Doors from AD Systems can provide the solution for your design.

Construction of Interior Sliding Barn Doors

The sliding operation of the barn door allows more efficient use of space. A swinging door simply requires more floor space for the door swing and in many cases approach clearances render even less space usable when compared to a sliding door. This restricts furniture placement and movement within the space. Barn doors are surface mounted, typically to the outside of small rooms. They are designed for easy operation and approach. AD Systems’ top-hung has no exposed tracks to impede ingress and egress. It also allows for easy open and close with quiet operation and anti-slam soft closing devices.

Space Configuration

A sliding barn door provides a practical way to both separate and connect two rooms in professional settings. High tech environments that encourage collaboration and promote open floor plans will benefit from interior sliding barn doors. Departments and workspaces can be opened up and combined into a larger open space to encourage informal meetings and collaboration. Large spaces can also be partitioned into smaller areas for private work sessions, meetings, or private conferences. Medical facilities can make the most efficient use of small exam room spaces with the use of sliding doors and their design can help facilitate LEAN on-stage/off-stage clinic design.

Sound Mitigation

AD Systems sliding barn doors include acoustic options to comply with privacy and security requirements of medical facilities or promote a quiet work environment. AD Systems features doors with patent-pending acoustic mitigation. Acoustical perimeter seals and automatic door bottom options help increase the STC rating performance of the doors, providing a high level of isolation.

Design Integration

With a wide selection of finishes available, AD Systems’ barn doors can easily integrate with the design of any environment. Modern office designs are easily complemented by the standard silver or bronze frame finishes. A variety of custom colored frames are also available.

Doors made with strong yet lightweight aluminum material harmonize visually with the modern workspace. Wood doors highlight classically designed professional environments. Enhancing an elegant and sophisticated office space is easy with options of red oak, cherry, mahogany, maple or birch finishes. Laminates by Wilsonart, Formica, Nevamar, Pionite and Acrovyn provide a range of easy to clean options. Incorporation of glass door lites saves energy by allowing in natural light and can lessen the clinical feel of a space.

Hardware Options

AD Systems provides a number of hardware options to enhance barn door operation. Self-latching (positive latching) doors, ADA compliant thumb turns with occupancy indicators, key lock, and magnetic locks with key card access control are available. Soft closers are standard on all AD Systems doors and they also offer self-closing and automatic operation options.

AD Systems provides the highest quality sliding barn doors with customization options for your design needs. To learn more about AD Systems’ interior sliding barn door solutions or to request a quote, contact us today.