self closing sliding doorCommercial construction comes with many challenges. One of the biggest is the need to follow all guidelines for the sake of both safety and legality. When it comes to doors, this can be especially challenging. This is where the differences between an experienced partner and an inferior one come into full view. AD Systems offers multiple design solutions that are flexible and adaptable to a wide range of settings. Built on innovative technology and with high-quality materials, these doors are a perfect option for many offices. A self closing sliding door enhances style and offers numerous other benefits.

  • Improved air quality—many office settings depend on very particular air settings. Hospitals, for example, limit air transfer due to infection risk. Manufacturing environments face the same challenges. Air flow and control is often a crucial aspect of successful operation. The self closing features helps reduce unwanted air flow and pollution.
  • Reduced germ transfer—as with air, sliding door solutions can help eliminate spread of germs. The self closing feature means people don’t have to touch surfaces and spread germs. Similarly, the tight seal of the doors is instrumental in keeping germs confined to one area and not spreading.
  • Smoke ratings—smoke-rated doors are necessary features for many applications. Restaurants, hospitals, and other offices need doors that can withstand smoke without compromising the air quality. AD Systems offers doors with a UL 1784 smoke rating. Even better, they offer both wood and aluminum stile and rail options.
  • Enhanced privacy— in many settings, soundproofing is not a luxury but a necessity. Doctors and patients must be able to speak freely about private health matters. Lawyers must discuss confidential situations with clients. Sliding door solutions from AD Systems offer acoustic jamb gaskets for enhanced acoustic performance. In addition, they comply with ADA and HIPAA regulations.
  • Sophisticated style—ensure your office impresses your customers by achieving a sophisticated, modern aesthetic. Combining a classic style with increased performance, sliding doors improve an office’s atmosphere. Increase workplace efficiency or speed up recovery time by adding these benefits to your office or healthcare facility.

The Ideal Self Closing Sliding Door Solution

There are numerous benefits of a self closing sliding door, but only when they come from a trusted name like AD Systems. They offer two sliding door solutions that are perfect for offices and other settings. Perfect for a wide range of office styles, OfficeSlide™ combines performance features with greater design flexibility. For all healthcare settings, ExamSlide™ is AD Systems’ sliding door solution. During the development phase for this design, AD Systems worked closely with consultants in the medical field. Thus, these doors have many benefits that are relevant to healthcare facilities. Consequently, the unique design, performance, and functions elevate them above traditional barn doors and make them secure for healthcare applications. Both systems come in a wide range of materials and are available with many functional options.

Don’t wait contact AD Systems today to discuss your project. A free consultation with an expert will guide you toward the appropriate solution for your needs.