contemporary barn doorAD Systems makes it a priority to work with facility owners of corporate offices, hospitals and medical clinics to create sliding interior door design features and improve on their existing systems. AD Systems’ began with interior “officefront” systems designed to bring sliding doors into workpaces and medical facilities concerned with performance and functionality and they have continued to refine the product to meet the needs of a wide range of commercial, medical and educational spaces.

There are three specific door styles available through AD Systems: ExamSlide™, OfficeSlide™, and InsetSlide™. Though there are three styles, there are numerous exceptional design options available to make each one unique. Not only do AD Systems’ doors achieve high function in specific facilities, they also produce a great ROI. As this related blog states, these doors provide the ROI-driven demand desired by facility owners.

The New Contemporary Barn Door Styles


ExamSlide™ doors are ideal for medical and healthcare facilities. These doors are much like the original barn door style. However, these enhanced doors are designed specifically for healthcare facilities’ needs. Space savings can be a particular challenge in medical facilities where large door clearances are needed and the projections of swing doors into rooms or hallways can often interfere with equipment, seating and patient care space. Beyond saving space, Examslide are designed to mitigate sound transmission, the wrap frames protect the wall opening and the innovative frame design offers a range of locking and latching hardware options. ExamSlide™ doors offer soft-close dampening system to reduce noise – no more door-slamming sounds! Additionally, they hang on heavy-duty, top-hung rollers that require no tracks in the floor.


OfficeSlide™ doors are a perfect choice for offices, collaboration spaces and conference rooms. These doors have unique design options to match any office interior design. There are a range of choices in hardware, door finishes, locking mechanisms and acoustic features. Facility owners can choose from single or bi-parting doors. Some additional options include: marker boards, glazed glass, integral blinds or switchable privacy glass, and integral lighting.


InsetSlide™ is the newest style of AD Systems’ sliding doors. These doors not only slide but also inset into a wall opening. Much like the other door styles, there are choices with regard to door finishes and features. Doors can be solid filled or have integral glass. InsetSlide takes all the best features of AD Systems other products and makes a for an even more space saving design.

The Facility Owner’s Biggest Advocate

AD Systems wouldn’t be the company it is today without the sound advice, opinions and feedback from their customers. They work with building owners, architects and contractors to keep up with the changing needs of facilities and clients. Changes can consist of performance, design, and unique requirements.

With almost a decade of professional experience, AD Systems has grown exponentially. We look forward to hearing what your project needs and how we can be of assistance.