sound proof office doors17Privacy is one of those things employees do not really think about until they really need it. It is sort of a given that people will not have complete privacy while on the job. However, this can be detrimental in some circumstances. This is why companies often look to bring in privacy-enhancing elements. Though fully sound proof office doors are not a reality, AD Systems has developed systems designed to attain levels of speech privacy that can make them an excellent addition to commercial offices. Not only do they create more private areas, they offer other benefits, including:

The reduction of noise distractions

Noise is one of the worst things for productivity in the workplace. Loud conversations, clacking on keyboards, and a hundred other things can derail good progress. But sound dampening doors immediately cut down on these distractions. When closed, they greatly mitigate most of the sound transfer across the door opening.

Maximization of space

One often-overlooked advantage of acoustic office doors is the fact that they slide open and closed. Unlike regular swinging doors, they do not intrude on a room. This means that much more of the total square footage is available for use. Plus, because they slide along a top-hung track, they make virtually no noise when operated. There are also no tracks in the floor to impede foot traffic, equipment or assistive devices, such as wheelchairs.

Why acoustic office doors are ideal for certain industries

When employers, employees or clients are discussing sensitive or confidential information, companies have to control who will have access to it. This is why industries like banking, legal, and tech, need to put in safeguards. With sound-mitigating doors, there is no need to worry about information leaking outside the room. These doors keep everything private, which offers excellent peace of mind to both employees and customers.

The OfficeSlide™ system is optimal for privacy in the workplace

AD Systems understands the importance of privacy in an office. This is why the company makes the most state-of-the-art sound mitigating office doors available. In addition to improving function, the OfficeSlide system also augments the design of an office.