sliding glass doorsSliding glass doors rise to meet the various challenges involved in the design of healthcare and corporate office spaces. They have the ability to adapt to any environment and comply with rigorous industry guidelines. This can make them the ideal choice for many different interior applications.

AD Systems is proud to supply the commercial market with a superior class of sliding glass doors that f the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetic value. In turn, this allows architects, designers, and facility managers to create professional settings that are optimized for efficiency and style.

Top Reasons to Choose Sliding Glass Doors for Any Commercial Project

Sliding glass door systems are some of the most innovative products to be used in commercial construction and renovation projects. The technology of top-hung sliders combined with classically beautiful glass materials give architects and designers the opportunity to design contemporary spaces that meet the evolving needs of medical facilities and workplaces. Here are a few of the most compelling reasons to choose sliding glass doors for an application:

  • Visually appealing designs: Sliding glass doors have a minimalist, streamlined look that fits well into any architectural style. They can be left completely transparent or enhanced by adding any of the glazing and decorative glass options from AD Systems for more detail and privacy.
  • Maximize interior use of space: Glass materials are effective at making a space look larger than it really is. The use of sliding glass doors will not only give the illusion of more space, but also maximize the actual amount of square footage that’s available. Architects and designers can give their clients up to 30 extra square feet of valuable floor space in one area by simply installing sliding door systems instead of conventional swing doors.
  • Natural light: Allowing more natural light to shine within a professional environment is both cost-effective and mood boosting. Installing glass doors promotes the use of natural daylight, which reduces the need for artificial lighting. In turn, this decreases energy consumption and saves facilities on electricity expenses. Natural light also generates a more positive atmosphere, encouraging employees to be more motivated in their work and lifting the spirits of patients in healthcare settings.
  • Sound isolation: AD Systems’ sliding glass doors are the perfect solution for commercial projects that require high sound transmission class (STC) or Noise Isolation Class (NIC) ratings. From the construction of the frame and the thickness of glass to the addition of glazing and patent-pending acoustical seals, the company makes it easy to design with products that offer quality sound isolation. This permits more privacy for confidential conversations while also mitigating distractions.

AD Systems’ Sliding Glass Doors Outperform the Competition

AD Systems offers a complete line of commercial sliding glass doors for interior applications. The company has worked with numerous architects and designers who specialize in the healthcare and corporate office sectors to help them find the most suitable door systems for their projects’ unique specifications. They provide nothing short of high quality and durable products for long-lasting performance. It is their mission to greatly increase the overall satisfaction of professional environments by improving their function and appearance.