sliding door systemsYou’re in a business that needs high performance sliding door systems and it is AD Systems’ business to provide them. But, they do more than that. In fact, they have helped revolutionize offices and healthcare facility design. At all times, their goal is to develop doors that provide the most form and function in your space. As a result, they utilize a perfect balance of acoustic isolation and space-saving design. And, here are a few reasons why.

ExamSlide™ Benefits

If you are already familiar with AD Systems, then you will recognize their ExamSlide doors. To differentiate the unique design, they gave it a new moniker to match its performance. Often, healthcare projects require functions above and beyond traditional “barn door” style systems.

Their healthcare sliding door systems are ideal for:

  • Clinics
  • Patient Restrooms
  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Free Standing ER
  • Various Healthcare Applications
  • Hospitals

With the help of industry-leading healthcare architects, they developed ExamSlide to meet clients’ multiple needs. First, compared to a swinging door, you save up to 30 square feet of floor space for each doorway. Second, enjoy smooth and maintenance-free operation with a heavy-duty, top-hung roller system. Finally, the soft-close dampening system reduces noise and slamming. Of course, the doors have many features to ensure compliance with ADA regulations. And, acoustic barriers maintain privacy to keep important conversations confidential and comply with HIPAA rules.

Also, if you prefer a flush look, check out the InsetSlide™ system. After customers asked, AD Systems answered with an innovative design that fits BETWEEN the walls. Brilliant, right?

OfficeSlide™ Benefits

Additionally, they offer OfficeSlide for high performance in the workplace, education or public buildings. From private offices and conference rooms to scholarly collaborative spaces, their flexible designs fulfill a variety of needs. Ultimately, their doors blend seamlessly into your environment.

Standard features include:

  • Fully customizable sizes & configurations
  • Single or bi-parting pairs of doors
  • Flush wood, aluminum or wood stile and rail doors
  • Standard soft closers
  • Tested acoustical performance up to NIC 39
  • Smoke-rated options per UL 1784

Options for Your Sliding Door Systems

Better yet, you can choose the finish of your sliding door systems with multiple selections. First, choose between standard Kynar frame finishes—sequin silver or medium bronze. Or, consider an optional custom color that they can develop on a per-project basis.

Other design possibilities for your doors include:

  • Flush Wood
  • Plastic Laminates
  • Aluminum Stile and Rail
  • Specialty Doors

Furthermore, AD Systems develops numerous ways not only to open and close your doors, but multiple methods to secure them. With custom pulls, levers or automatic operation, you can enter and leave with ease. For security purposes, consider hardware options such as key, thumb turn or magnetic locks for access control. A glance through their gallery will show that every installation is an integration of the above-mentioned options. Thus, each facility receives door systems that meet all of its specific criteria.

Today, while you contemplate all of your options, get a free quote. AD Systems is ready to begin revolutionizing your professional space!