sliding door systemsArchitects often have the task of finding the balance between the artful and the practical. This is often a difficult balance to strike as form and function do not always closely align. Sliding doors have been known to save space and act as a design feature, but not always for adding to the functionality of an office.. AD Systems offers multiple sliding door systems that achieve this balance for all healthcare and commercial applications.

Sliding Door Systems for All Commercial Projects

AD Systems designed their sliding doors to perform better. With acoustical performance, design flexibility and features like soft closers, their sliding doors have become a practical solution. Optional items include self-closing devices, smoke ratings, privacy locks, card reader access, and more. There are many additional items available that add functionality, such as integrated blinds, lighting, chalk boards and automation features.

AD Systems offers three options to fit all needs:


The ExamSlide™ is a leading healthcare sliding door solution. Ideal for clinics, restrooms, medical offices, emergency rooms and more, the ExamSlide™ is setting the standard. The unique design, performance, and functions elevate it above traditional barn doors and make it secure for healthcare applications.

  • Saves up to 20 square feet vs. traditional swinging door
  • Patent-pending acoustic mitigation (certified to NIC 39 specifications) ensures proper seal on all four sides of the door for privacy
  • Fully customizable sizes, configurations, finishes and features


The OfficeSlide™ is the product engineered for commercial buildings. This system combines the best performance features of sliding door systems with greater design flexibility. OfficeSlide™ is perfect for these buildings and campuses. Get the most out of private office spaces, conference rooms and common areas.

  • Compatible with both swinging and barn-style doors
  • Optional acoustical seals (tested up to NIC 39) and automatic bottoms for improved acoustical performance
  • Enhanced privacy and reduced noise transfer with acoustic jamb gasketing


AD Systems also offers the InsetSlide™ system for a flush look (as opposed to a barn door). The InsetSlide™ offers the best of both worlds. It combines some of the best features of barn doors and adapts to fit between the walls, minimizing projections. The InsetSlide™ allows a choice of wood or aluminum stile and rail doors with multiple pull options. Offering a more modern and sleek design, this solution is great for any application.

  • Save space with top-hung roller design for smooth operation and reduced maintenance
  • Standard acoustical perimeter seals with optional drop seals
  • Aluminum frame system protects wall construction and is easy to clean