sliding barn doors The goal of any physical business location is really twofold. The first is to create an environment that will be instrumental in the operation of the business. To achieve this, it has to include all of the necessary features and components. The second goal concerns the people who will use the building. Whether they are employees, customers, visitors, or even patients (if it is a medical facility), they should be able to go where they need to and easily gain access to the right areas. To accomplish this mission, designers and architects have to work together and pay close attention to every little detail. An element of any building that may not get a lot of recognition, but one that plays a major role are the doors. The right doors can be extremely instrumental in how a business runs, as well as its level of efficiency. This is why many companies are now opting to go with sliding barn doors.

What sliding barn doors can do for a business

Sliding barn doors offer a variety of benefits that any business can take advantage of, including:

Better use of space

Doors that slide essentially act as a moving wall. Unlike a swinging door, a sliding door only minimally projects into the space being utilized. And as a result, much more of the room can now be used. This means businesses can fit more furniture, equipment, and even personnel into fewer offices. With space being maximized, businesses will be able to save a significant amount of money by utilizing up to 30 extra square feet of floor space for every sliding door. With the high cost per square foot of a commercial building, the savings is substantial. .

Ease of access

Sliding barn doors also make entering and exiting easier for everyone. Sliding doors often offer a wider clear opening, which means anyone will be able to enter and exit a room without trouble. AD Systems’ doors meet the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements in terms of there being no exposed floor track, ADA accessible hardware options and operating force.

Enhanced noise control

Typical sliding doors have gaps all around the perimeter and at the bottom because they are not design with acoustics in mind. AD Systems has spent years engineering its products with special features such as a wrap frame, acoustical jamb gaskets and drop seals so that they achieve high levels of acoustical performance. This makes our sliding barn doors exceptional for boosting productivity by filtering out unwanted noise.

Increased privacy

Because sliding barn doors are so good at keeping sound from filtering into or out of a room, they are a great way to increase privacy. Whether it is an important company meeting or just a personal phone call, sliding barn doors will ensure that everything that is said remains confidential.

Count on AD Systems for the premier sliding barn doors

AD Systems is a leader in the industry for top-of-the-line sliding barn doors. In addition to their excellent function, these doors are designed with aesthetics in mind. They come in a variety of finishes, including natural and stained wood veneers and laminate options as well as aluminum stile and rail designs. The frames are also available in custom colors and materials. The sliding barn doors can also include decorative glass, etched glass or acrylic panels.The combinations of options allows all doors to complement any style and décor.