sliding barn doorsUltimately, the goal of architect is to bring the vision and needs of their client to life though design. They need to balance client wants with code and constructability, all the while keeping a close watch on budget. Enter sliding doors. Sliding barn doors offer a range of benefits that contribute directly to usability, design, performance and client ROI.

AD Systems produces three systems that use sliding barn doors


Sliding barn doors are ideal for medical facilities. AD Systems has design their product with acoustic performance to attain speech privacy and minimize noise disturbances. Many medical facilities require large clear openings and sliding doors greatly minimize the “clear path” needed for doors to operate. Examslide is also designed with a wrap frame system to ensure visual privacy, protect the wall construction and facilitate the use of locking and latching hardware. Soft closers ensure smooth operation of the door that protects users.

ExamSlide barn doors are perfect for exam rooms and restrooms. The top-hung rollers allow for easy operation. These doors can also come equipped with key or magnetic locks. Due to the lack of tracks in the floor, there is nothing to impede assistive devices or rolling equipment.


Sliding barn doors can often benefit an office building. OfficeSlide has the same noise-dampening abilities as ExamSlide. This can help reduce loud distractions that can hinder productivity and ensure the privacy of areas such as conference rooms, phone rooms or private offices. The OfficeSlide system offers a range of configuration options for doors and fixed lites that allow for a broad range of customization. OfficeSlide can also assist with physical security by incorporating key locks, access control devices or fully automatic operation where required.


The InsetSlide system combines uses the best features from ExamSlide and OfficeSlide barn doors. These doors use an integral sidelite that the door slides over, allowing them to fit nicely between walls. InsetSlide sliding doors are sleek, save space, and are very easy to maintain.

Architects know sliding doors can make a tremendous impact on the layout and design of a space. Explore AD Systems product offerings to see how they can help address the challenges you may have in specific spaces while also enhancing the design and functionality of your project.