sliding door trackHospitals and healthcare facilities face the task of balancing the critical functions of their spaces with providing environments in which patients feel comfortable.  Healthcare patients in today’s world expect convenience, personalized care, and a certain level of comfort, particularly in outpatient and lower acuity settings. Design elements such as sliding door track systems that enhance both form and function in healthcare design can help both providers and patients feel at ease in clinical spaces.

Since 2009, AD Systems has been supplying high-performance sliding door systems for healthcare and commercial applications. So, with the perfect balance of acoustic isolation, functional performance and space-saving design, AD Systems’ sliding doors are ideal for numerous applications.

Benefits of a Sliding Door Track

Check out the many benefits of a sliding door track below:

  • Space-saving—typical swinging doors require up to 30 square feet of clearance to open and shut. Sliding doors only need a few inches of clearance against a wall.
  • Flexibility—many modern office spaces need to transform usable work space for different tasks. In fact, barn doors allow occupants to open and close off spaces quickly and easily.
  • Acoustical performance—because they are easy to use, sliding doors help create quiet spaces. This gives workers privacy for conversations or to focus on critical work. AD Systems doors have a high sound transmission class (STC) rating. Therefore, when combined with acoustic seals around door jambs, the rooms safeguard patient privacy.
  • Modern aesthetics—customization options allow doors to match with their offices. Glass offers an open feel while wood speaks to tradition and elegance. Hardware and color choices ensure complementary aesthetics.
  • ADA compliance—AD Systems’ engineers designed hardware so that even those with disabilities can easily use the doors. Ease-of-use and light weight ensure easy operation along with physical security

The ExamSlide™ for Healthcare Facilities

ExamSlide is the perfect door for healthcare applications. Designed for clinics, restrooms, medical offices, emergency rooms and more, the ExamSlide system offers durability and privacy. Featuring a unique design, this system combines performance with function for the security needed in healthcare applications.

Benefits include:

  • Maintenance-free operation, thanks to a heavy-duty, top-hung roller system
  • Field tests indicate NIC Noise Isolation Class 39 as per ASTM E336-11
  • Avoids noisy slams with a soft-close dampening system
  • Optional UL 1784 smoke rating
  • No floor tracks to impede equipment or foot traffic
  • Power operators, card key access and privacy and key locks address functional access needs
  • Available with a 45 minute fire-rated configuration
  • Designed for the demands of healthcare environments

So, give AD Systems a call today at 425-374-1360 or request a quote. An expert will help you to determine the best solution for your project. AD Systems designed their barn doors to, very simply, perform better. And, their wide range of options offers endless possibilities.