self closing sliding doorWith the right design upgrades, a hospital can improve operations for everyone. For older facilities, there are probably a number of ways to make things better. One key area involves doors. A self closing sliding door in strategic places can make a huge difference. This type of door offers several advantages, including:

Physical Security

Self-closing sliding doors are often used in areas such as medication rooms, record rooms or server rooms where there is a concern regarding physical security. The combination of a mag lock and self-closing device can assure that doors fully close every time they are opened and require appropriate credentials for re-entry.

Enhanced privacy and noise control

Sliding doors are excellent when it comes to noise. Their unique acoustic qualities contain sound entirely inside a room. This vastly improves privacy. In addition, these doors also prevent outside noise from disturbing patients.

Control of air infiltration

Many areas such as pharmacies, NICU rooms or areas where there is a smoke rating require that doors fully close an seal to limit air transfer between adjacent spaces. When AD Systems products are specified with automatic drop seals and self-closers, they can attain UL 1784 smoke ratings and will often address air infiltration limitation requirements, depending on the specifics of the project.

Extra space

When sliding doors replace swinging doors, immediately a room has extra space. This is because no door intrudes into a room. And as a result, much more of the total square footage of the room can get usage. This can provide up to 30 square feet of extra floor space around each doorway.

Longer-lasting doors

Unlike swinging doors that use hinges, sliding doors utilize rollers. They slide along a top-hung rack and have a design that makes them durable. This means that they will function well for a long time with little maintenance required. There is nothing on the floor to impede foot or equipment traffic.

AD Systems has the self closing sliding door solution for healthcare facilities

Hospitals and clinics looking to upgrade their doors should consider a self-closing door system. ExamSlide™ from AD Systems can improve function and augment a facility for patients, staff, and visitors.