Interior Barn DoorsPeople who watch a lot of home improvement shows are aware of the most current design and décor trends. And while many things start in homes, almost inevitably some of them will began to appear in other venues. A hot item in houses for a while now has been barn doors. Stemming from the farmhouse look, they are now being incorporated into many different styles. But barn doors are not just reserved for residences; business owners are starting to see the appeal as well. Interior barn doors can benefit a corporate office or medical facility in several ways.

Interior barn doors –

Offer an updated, modern look

Interior barn doors add an eye-catching focal point to an office. Everyone is used to seeing the same old swinging doors, but for most people, barn doors will be something completely new. And even an older building will immediately be transformed and refreshed when these doors are added.

Save a lot of space

A big reason why interior barn doors are being utilized in work settings is that they save a significant amount of space. Because they do not interfere with the space of a room – the way a swinging door does – much more of the total area can be used. This allows a lot more freedom in how a room is set up. For each doorway, up to 30 additional square feet can be utilized. And because it will be possible to get the maximum usage out of a room, this can be a further cost-cutting measure.

Ensure compliance with the ADA

Every business has to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Often this means adding ramps and otherwise making access easy for everyone. Doors are often an obstacle where access is concerned. For one thing, regular doors can be tricky to open and close for some people. They also do not provide a wide clearance, which can be challenging for those who use wheelchairs. Interior barn doors, however, can more easily open wide without encroaching on small spaces, furnishes, etc or created problematic approaches to the door. They are also very easy to use. In addition, they slide on an overhead track with no exposed floor track or guide, so there is nothing on the floor to impede access.

Create a contemporary aesthetic

When a regular swinging door is used in design, it generally does not particularly enhance the design of a space. But with interior barn doors made of wood, laminates or glass, suddenly the door as a utilitarian afterthought can be transformed into a design feature. Interior barn doors by AD Systems mean you do not have to sacrifice functionality: their systems are specifically designed to integrate locking and latching hardware, access control or keycards and can also feature UL 1784 smoke ratings, acoustic ratings or automation.

Whether for a brand-new office or to augment a current one, interior barn doors can have a very positive affect on a business, which is why AD Systems makes them specifically for corporate offices and medical facilities.