When a business thinks about security, they most likely just focus on spots that lead outside. And while important, there are many other areas to consider. Interior doors, for example, have to get the right attention. Not everybody should be able to access all spaces within and office. Acoustical and visual privacy is a factor that needs addressing as well.

OfficeSlide™ doors offer excellent security

The OfficeSlide system offers many advantages when compared to other sliding door systems. AD System’s innovative design allows commercial grade locking and latching hardware easy integration into their sliding door assemblies. Additionally, this hardware is keyed to match swing doors or other locks on the buildings. These are superior solutions to floor locks or applied latches that are the norm for other sliders. They also offer a range of ADA compliant privacy thumbturns and latching hardware options. For areas needing a self-closing door, AD Systems offers a mechanical self-closer or even fully automated options.

If a higher degree of access control is desired, a magnetic lock is available for use with any AD Systems doors. These devices can wire to card readers, occupancy sensors or virtually any other type of access control devices.

OfficeSlide is a compelling solution for office front doors

In addition to security, the OfficeSlide system offers many other benefits for corporate buildings. First and foremost, sliding doors offer space savings when compared to swing doors. They maximize the efficiency of floor plans and individual offices or collaboration spaces.

OfficeSlide is a design that has acoustical privacy in mind. AD Systems’ innovative frame design, gaskets and acoustic bottom seal mean that OfficeSlide offers a much higher level of acoustic performance that is typical of sliding door systems. Designers can also fully customize the look of these doors with elements such as decorative glass or applied films that address the desire for visual privacy balanced with lighting.

OfficeSlide doors are not just functional, the can act as a major design component. You may specify flush wood or laminates, aluminum stile and rail and almost any glazing or infill panel type up to 1″ thick. AD Systems has also worked with designers on custom conditions such as integrated lighting, 90 degree bi-parting corner doors and sills to accommodate power supplies. We welcome your workplace design challenges. Contact the team at AD Systems today to discuss how we can help address your commercial design challenges with our innovative sliding door products.