hospital room doorsIn medical facility design, almost every decision is significant. Small design choices have big effects that radiate outward at every level, so it’s important to examine your options. Consider hospital room doors – you might think there’s not much there to explore or experiment with. But, thanks to innovators like Washington-based AD Systems, sliding door technology for medical facilities is now an industry standard option.

How Sliding Doors Can Improve Facility Design

Facility designers need to look beyond the conventional options to innovative technology that can create real improvements in efficiency.

Not to mention sliding doors provide many improvements for hospitals and medical facilities.

  • Create substantial space savings in hospital rooms. Swinging doors can take up to 15 square feet just to swing open and shut. Whether it’s in an exam room or an inpatient care area like a restroom, that space can make a huge difference. The doors’ slim profile also makes them less obstructive to open in hallways or rooms.
  • Help protect patient and staff privacy. Sound often leaks through gaps in other sliding doors and has been a reason for their limited use in medical occupancies; AD Systems’ doors are designed with medical construction projects in mind and alleviate many acoustical privacy concerns. They’re tested up to NIC 39 in terms of performance.
  • Improve patient accessibility. Additionally, AD Systems’ doors are easy to open for persons of all ages and ability levels. There is additional hardware available to further increase accessibility. They are top-hung to eliminate any floor tracks.
  • Offer superior reliability and durability. The simple mechanism of sliding doors, coupled with the heavy-duty top-hung design of AD Systems doors, requires minimal maintenance. Their unique Soft Close technology prevents loud and potentially damaging door-slamming.
  • Attractive, contemporary aesthetic. AD Systems’ sliding doors showcase a sleek, minimal look. Additionally, customization is available with different finishes, hardware, and glazes.

High-Performance Hospital Room Doors from AD Systems

ExamSlide: Developed through years of collaboration with architects and medical professionals, the ExamSlide is AD Systems’ high-performance hospital room door system. Its high-quality construction, efficient operation, and elegant aesthetics make it an ideal choice for facilities of all kinds.

InsetSlide: As AD Systems gained prominence, their clients began to request a sliding door that could be flush with the wall as opposed to surface mounted. Soon after, the InsetSlide was born. The InsetSlide offers a door and integral sidelite that with the same features and rigorous manufacturing standards applied to AD Systems’ other products.

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