modern medical office designCreating a modern medical office design does not have to be an overwhelming challenge. One feature that can immediately modernize an office is a new type of door. Numerous medical facilities now recognize the advantage of sliding doors. With AD Systems’ ExamSlide™, healthcare buildings will receive several benefits, including:

Better flow

A medical office is a busy place. With people moving in and out, flow is important. This is one big benefit of ExamSlide. The doors can open wide to accommodate easy access of people and equipment. With many new facilities moving towards self-rooming and dual entry rooms, sliding doors can significantly contribute to efficient layout and movement through the space.

Increased usage of space

For big facilities, exam rooms may be on the small side. Therefore, it is vital to use as much of the room as possible. Swinging doors infringe on an area – requiring up to 30 square feet of floor space for each doorway. But sliding doors allow for the utilization of that much more square footage. This is an important consideration, since every square foot of a building must provide a good ROI for the facility owner.

Enhanced access

ExamSlide doors are simple to open and close. They slide along an overhead track, making operation very smooth. . These doors also offer a large clearance space. This makes moving equipment in and out easy. People with special needs – such as those in wheelchairs – will also have no problem entering or exiting a room. There are no impediments, since there is no floor track.

Modern medical office design in action

In 2012, AD Systems set out to improve the design of Everett Clinic. ExamSlide became integral to this 60,000-square-foot facility. All exam rooms had sliding doors installed. This created a much more efficient flow for patients. It also cut down on wait times. In addition, because of their sound-blocking abilities, there was a reduction of noise. The doors also improved the office’s visual appeal.

Sliding doors can immensely improve a hospital or clinic. For healthcare companies that want to improve their modern medical office design, AD Systems can provide the perfect solution. Find more information about the ExamSlide system here.