medical room designAs a medical facility owner, architect or designer, your priority is to meet the needs of patients. But, your facility must also look appealing and efficient. AD Systems has listened to these particular wants and concerns. Therefore, they worked with medical consultants to develop specially-designed doors for healthcare facilities. The resulting ExamSlide™ system is in demand nationally for medical centers and outpatient clinics. These doors complement all medical room design and interior style.

Some of the benefits of the ExamSlide system:

Space Saving and Functional

The ExamSlide door saves space compared to traditional swinging doors. They save up to 30 square feet of space per doorway. Consequently, they make room for more equipment or seating areas. Not to mention, they come equipped with a soft-close dampening system. This keeps the doors from slamming, along with easier access due to its ADA-compliant engineering.

AD Systems created these doors with time savings and cost efficiency in mind. The ExamSlide system provides smooth, maintenance-free operation, since the doors move on a heavy-duty, top-hung roller system. In addition, there are no floor tracks to impede rolling equipment or foot traffic. Moreover, these doors can have add-ons such as lead shielding and glazing, making them safe for X-Ray rooms.

Provides Necessary Privacy

If glass doors fit the style and needs of your facility, you can choose to have that glass glazed. Therefore, they give patients more privacy, while allowing natural light to flow through the area. Research has shown that natural light promotes positive attitudes and feelings of well-being. In turn, both staff members and patients receive the benefits.

Depending on your specific needs, there are multiple security options for ExamSlide doors. A few locking options are key locks, ADA thumb turn lock with occupancy indicator, and key card/access control locks.

Aesthetically Appealing

Designers will appreciate the many options available in materials, finishes and hardware. Multiple door-finishing choices will enhance the looks of these sliding doors. Some of these choices include flush wood or laminate. In addition, you can choose from wood stile and rail doors with glass or aluminum stile and rail doors with glass. They also have many options when it comes to hardware.

AD Systems Knows Medical Room Design

Since the beginning, AD Systems has made it a priority to meet the needs of their customers. When they recognized a need for sliding doors that met medical center standards, they delivered. Thus, they created the ExamSlide door, ideal for all healthcare facilities. Not only do they meet the necessary medical needs, they complement any medical room design and style. Check out some of the facilities that are enjoying the advantages of AD Systems’ doors.

If you are in need of the perfect door for your medical facility, contact the professionals at AD Systems today!