medical facility designThe right doors have the ability to transform a medical facility. Not only can they improve the patient experience, but also enhance daily operations for staff. But the key is augmenting a medical facility design with the appropriate door system. ExamSlide™ from AD Systems offers several advantages.

How a medical facility design benefits from ExamSlide

The ExamSlide system has a design specifically for hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities. These sliding doors are superior to other door options in several distinct areas:

Noise control

Even if a medical facility tries to maintain a quiet environment, some noise is almost inevitable. An emergency can take place at any time, causing a lot of noise and commotion. As a result, often patients become disturbed. And maintaining speech privacy is of paramount importance as well. ExamSlide has been designed with acoustic mitigation technology and achieves the goal of maintaining patient privacy while also minimizing disruptions between public and patient care spaces.

Compliance with the ADA

All businesses have to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Doors need to have easy access and there can’t be any encumbrances. ExamSlide doors are very easy to open and close and offer wide clear openings. The soft-close feature eliminates the sound of door slamming and reduces the risk of pinched hands. Examslide has no exposed floor track and is available with a wide range of ADA compliant hardware options as well as self-closing and automatic operating features that further enhance accessibility.

Space saving

One of the biggest advantages of the ExamSlide system is how much space it can save. Compared to a traditional swinging door, up to 30 additional square feet of a room is available for use. This is especially important for a medical facility design framework. More space means that more equipment or furniture can fit in a room. This provides extra convenience and comfort for everyone.

For medical facilities looking to improve their design, sliding doors can greatly enhance operations. AD Systems has made state-of-the-art sliding door systems for the last decade.