medical examination roomsHospitals and medical offices often face complicated challenges. They are often the setting for long, significant conversations about a person’s health. Also, they are the place that people go when they need help. This is one of the delicate balances that medical professionals must strike with their patients. As a result, they need to provide privacy in an otherwise crowded setting. Medical examination rooms are a perfect example of a setting where healthcare providers must also offer privacy for patients. Luckily, the ExamSlide™ sliding door solution from AD Systems offers privacy, durability, and elegance.

Developed in collaboration with architects, the ExamSlide meets the rigorous demands of clinics and medical offices. The ExamSlide is the perfect sliding door solution for all healthcare applications. Whether used in clinics, hospitals, restrooms, or other settings, ExamSlide is the best choice for high-performance doors. Featuring numerous hardware, material and functional options, the ExamSlide will provide your patients with privacy and provide you the comfort of durability. Two main features of the ExamSlide are an acoustic mitigating design and a top-hung roller system that features soft close dampeners. These provide heavy-duty, maintenance-free operation that will last for years. This door system can even save you up to 30 square feet of space per doorway, compared to traditional swinging doors and their associated clearances.

Medical Examination Rooms Require Privacy

Medical examination rooms are where patients feel most vulnerable. This is why healthcare providers need to make patients feel safe and comfortable. AD Systems designed the ExamSlide to outperform regular doors. AD Systems includes the benefits of acoustical performance, design flexibility and features like soft closers in their doors.

The ExamSlide is AD Systems’ sliding door solution for all healthcare settings. The unique design, performance, and functions elevate it above traditional barn doors and make it secure for healthcare applications. Featuring acoustical protection for privacy and heavy-duty hardware for durability, the ExamSlide is the perfect choice. AD Systems also offers the InsetSlide™ system for a flush look (as opposed to a barn door). Optional choices include self-closing devices, smoke ratings, privacy locks, card reader access, and more.

View this gallery for examples of how you can adapt ExamSlide doors for numerous settings.