barn doorsLike everything else, medical design continues to change and evolve. Several things that were considered new or innovative just a couple of decades ago are now thought of as passé or old fashioned and new methods of delivering patient care are devised and implemented. Healthcare organizations well know that are starting to discover that in order to make improvements for both clients and employees, design changes must keep up with technology and expectations. For example, while traditional swinging doors have been used for decades, they may not necessarily be the best solution for today’s contemporary clinic settings. Many facilities – including healthcare facilities – can benefit from the use of barn doors.

AD Systems has developed barn doors specifically for a variety of healthcare buildings, including medical clinics, FSEDs, residential care and patient restroom environments. These doors can be both highly functional and add a unique design element. One of the biggest advantages of the sliding barn door is the space saving gained by removing doors swings and their approach clearances from small spaces. Because these doors are top hung, there is not an exposed track on the floor to pose a trip hazard. The barn doors will roll open and closed very smoothly and quietly and are equipped with soft closing devices to guard against slams and inched fingers. The doors can also be customized to the specifications of an individual project, allowing you to incorporate features such as specialty laminates or glazing to suit the purposes and aesthetics of a space. They come in a variety of options for all areas, including:

Door Type

Many different finish options are available for flush doors, such as natural or stained wood veneers or plastic laminate. In addition, aluminum stile and rail are also available. In some cases hollow metal steel, lead lined doors or flush aluminum doors have been used.

Glazing panels

The barn doors can also come with monolithic, frosted, laminated, or other decorative glass. You may also specify acrylic panels, privacy or colored glass, and marker boards.

Frame Finish

Frames come with a Kynar-painted finish, which provides durability, and there is an assortment of color options. Sequin Silver or Medium Bronze are standard but custom colors are also available as are custom powder coats.


Several stock hardware configurations are available in many different finishes, and they are all ADA compliant. Locking, positive latching, card reader access and single action egress options are all available.

AD Systems barn doors are designed with sound and space-saving in mind

The barn doors created by AD Systems are exceptional for sound control. Unlike other barn doors,AD Systems’ products are design with perimeter seals to ensure acoustical performance. Acoustics are of course a particular concern for healthcare facilities where patient privacy is extremely important. Many of today’s healthcare facilities are choosing to move to a dual entry exam room design and high levels of performance from a sliding door can be a key factor in making that design successful and compliant with FGI or other facility guidelines in ensuring patient privacy in such an open plan environment.