interior sliding doorsWhile swinging doors are still quite prevalent, that is beginning to change. With new structures or renovated buildings, interior sliding doors are starting to become the norm. One of the reasons behind this is that architects impart to building owners the many benefits sliding doors can offer. These include:

Space savings

Swinging doors create an impediment in a room. When they swing inward, the door invades the space. With sliding doors, the facility gains up to 30 additional square feet of space at each doorway.

Acoustic performance

There is often an assumption that sliding doors mean compromising on acoustic performance. AD Systems’ products were designed with acoustics in mind and feature full perimeter seals and an option automatic bottom seal to attain levels of speech privacy expected in healthcare, education and contemporary office environments.

Improved aesthetics

Functionality is not the only thing that sliding doors enhance. They also make an office or medical facility more attractive. These doors come in a variety of styles and have several hardware and material options.

The interior sliding doors from AD Systems

AD Systems makes three different sliding door systems for different types of facilities.


The OfficeSlide system is ideal for any corporate office. In addition to their space-saving ability, they also improve access control. Plus, their acoustical features enhance both privacy and security.


They designed ExamSlide specifically for hospitals and other medical facilities. These interior sliding doors are completely ADA-compliant. They open wider than swinging doors and anyone can easily open them.


Often space is at a premium in an office, which is why InsetSlide is ideal. Using a sidelite, the system easily fits between walls.

The ROI from sliding doors

One of the main reasons both architects and building owners like sliding doors is because of the cost savings. Building a new structure or renovating a current one is an expensive proposition. Sliding doors offer the best return on the investment.

More information on the advantages of sliding doors is available by getting in touch with AD Systems.