interior sliding barn doorsMany office managers struggle to find the right elements to design their work space. Often, the biggest challenge is that sleek and modern designs don’t offer traditional functionality. For example, open floor plans often sacrifice privacy. Balancing design with function is a challenge most offices face. Luckily, AD Systems offers multiple interior sliding barn doors to solve this dilemma. Therefore, with these doors, offices can balance modern aesthetics with traditional security. Don’t settle any longer. Get the best of both worlds with these doors.

Interior Sliding Barn Doors Are Stylish and Secure

Interior sliding barn doors from AD Systems offer the privacy of traditional office spaces while remaining modern and stylish. Their doors offer enhanced acoustical performance, design flexibility and a wide range of features such as soft closers. Customization options include self-closing devices, smoke ratings, privacy locks, card reader access, and much more. The wide range of features makes these doors perfect for corporate offices, medical facilities and hospitals. Barn doors are also perfect for most offices in need of privacy, such as financial institutions, technology companies, and law firms. Check out their solutions below to find a door to fit any office.


The ExamSlide from AD Systems is ideal for healthcare applications. Designed for clinics, restrooms, medical offices, emergency rooms and more, the ExamSlide provides privacy. This system will remain functional and low-maintenance for many years. Its unique design and performance elevate it above traditional barn doors. With these improvements, patients can feel safe and secure with soundproofing. Best of all, these doors can save up to 30 square feet as compared to a traditional swinging door.


The OfficeSlide is the commercial offering from AD Systems. This system combines performance features with greater design flexibility, making the OfficeSlide ideal for a wide range of offices. From private offices to conference rooms or common spaces, the OfficeSlide is the perfect fit. This system is available with a wide variety of options and comes in a variety of sizes and configurations. The savings of floor space with all sliding doors is important in today’s real estate market. Every square foot of floor space is valuable and should be usable.


The InsetSlide system offers the best of both worlds. This system adapts some of the best features of barn doors to wall inset design. Check out the InsetSlide system for a flush look (as opposed to a traditional, wall-hung barn door). Wood or aluminum stile options are just a few of the many available options. InsetSlide’s combination is perfect for offices that want the ultimate balance between modern and traditional styles.