interior sliding barn doorsAs architects and designers strive to keep up with the medical field, some innovative architectural products are shaking things up. Interior sliding barn doors are one of the most notable trends in medical facility design, and AD Systems leads the pack. Their groundbreaking sliding door models are redefining what these doors can do.

AD Systems started production in 2009 and quickly made a splash with their innovative interior storefront sliding door packages. They noticed increasing interest from medical organizations and decided to design a new standalone barn door product. Doors in medical facilities must meet high standards of privacy, durability, and efficiency, and AD Systems rose to the challenge. After an intensive design process, they debuted the ExamSlide™.

The ExamSlide: High-Performance Interior Sliding Barn Doors

Other firms offer sliding doors to medical facilities, but only AD Systems sells sliding doors designed for medical facilities. The ExamSlide is purpose-built with the unique demands of hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ offices in mind. It offers superior privacy protection, efficiency, and durability to staff and patients alike.

Privacy Protection

Privacy is more vital than ever in medical facilities. Healthcare Design magazine reminds designers that sound transmission must be considered in facility design to avoid potential HIPAA violations. The ExamSlide offers privacy protections no other door has:

  • Tested up to the Noise Isolation Class 39
  • Features patent-pending acoustic seals on all four sides of each door
  • Wide range of hardware assures physical security options in addition to speech privacy

Efficient Operation

Space and time are always at a premium in medical facilities. The ExamSlide helps staff make the most of both:

  • Traditional swinging doors use up to 30 square feet of space to swing open and shut and allow for clearances. The ExamSlide dramatically reduces the space allotted to the door and clearance
  • Unlike other sliding doors, the ExamSlide lacks exposed floor track. It’s easy to move through with a wheelchair or equipment cart
  • Wrap frames protect wall openings and allow for easy cleaning
  • Slim profile maintains a sleek and professional aesthetic.

Durable Quality

The cost of building a medical facility means they require quality construction materials that will last. High-quality components save money in the long run, and that’s exactly the philosophy behind the ExamSlide:

  • Hung from the top of the frame on heavy-duty rollers, they stand up to years of opening & closing.
  • Soft-close technology prevents slamming.
  • Elegantly simple design reduces excess parts & chances of malfunction.

Medical design professionals increasingly recognize AD Systems’ commitment to changing how medical doors work. But the clearest sign of their success has been the many medical facilities who have adopted their designs. Facilities in WashingtonUtah and across the USA and beyond have incorporated the ExamSlide to great success.

Interior sliding barn doors from AD Systems are one of the best investments you can make in your medical facility. If you’re ready to see the exceptional performance AD Systems offers, call them at 425-374-1360 or use their contact form.