interior glass doorsIncreasingly, facility owners must make sure their buildings do more. Interior glass doors such as those created by AD Systems are one technology that can help. In this article, we’ll examine how!

Creating Efficient Spaces

For facility owners, maximizing revenue and value means following several key principles of efficiency in design:

  • Optimizing floor space by reducing wasted square footage
  • Planning a flexible and dynamic working space
  • Discovering ways to ensure continued value and relevance
  • Creating separation and privacy where necessary

AD Systems’ high-performance sliding barn doors accomplish these goals through their unique feature set. Architectural professionals have long recognized their contribution to facility design. Organizations like the Continuing Education Center have even included AD Systems in their courses on innovative medical facilities. Let’s take a look at the range of different doors they have available for every type of facility.

The OfficeSlide™: Changing the Corporate Landscape

The OfficeSlide is AD Systems’ model designed for corporate and educational institutions.

  • Acoustic dampening technology helps ensure confidentiality and minimizes distractions
  • ADA-compliant latching hardware available
  • Durable and easy-to-clean roller system for low-maintenance performance
  • Glass-front and sidelite models available

The OfficeSlide was a huge success for Coastal Community Bank. The natural light of their interior glass doors, combined with privacy protection and durable construction, creates a pleasant, efficient workspace.

The ExamSlide™: Medical-Grade Performance

AD Systems specifically engineered the ExamSlide to offer exceptional performance in hospitals and clinics.

  • Standard-equipped with four-sided acoustic seal for maximum privacy protection
  • No exposed floor track means carts and wheelchairs can move through the doorway smoothly
  • Saves space in critical areas like exam rooms and surgical wards
  • Full range of ADA compliant hardware options

Salt Lake City’s Mountain View Hospital integrated the ExamSlide as part of their remodeled floorplan, to great acclaim. Their story is just one of many examples of how the ExamSlide contributes to better healthcare.

The InsetSlide™: Creative Hybridization

The newest door in the AD Systems family, the InsetSlide is a fusion of barn door and pocket door.

  • Lowest profile and highest space savings of any AD Systems door
  • Available in a wide variety of finishes to suit any aesthetic
  • Top-hung on heavy-duty rollers, as are all AD Systems’ doors

The InsetSlide proved to be the perfect door for Indigo Clinics of Tacoma, WA — check out their story here.

Interior Glass Doors with More

AD Systems’ project gallery is a great resource for ideas of what glass interior doors can do for your facility. Whether your facility is in the medical, business, or education fields, AD Systems has a high-performance door for you.

Are you interested in interior glass doors that will do more to make your facility all it can be? AD Systems wants to help. Contact them at 425-374-1360 or use their easy and secure quote request form.