interior barn doorsWhen it comes to architecture and building design, new elements are being added all the time. This is becoming much more evident in offices and medical facilities in recent years. Boring, cookie-cutter and overly “clinical” , “corporate” or “institutional” spaces are now being replaced and exchanged for interior environments that put an emphasis on style and the reflection of a brand. And in the process of creating these new business environments, designers often seek inspiration from a variety of areas, including those that may not necessarily have anything to do with a corporate setting. One trend that is appearing in offices is the use of barn doors. No longer just for farm houses or industrial style residences, interior barn doors are becoming a go-to choice for corporate interiors for several reasons, including:

Enhanced style

Not every office can follow the lead of high tech companies and have unusual artwork or slides instead of stairs, but they can do things to create a more stylish work environment. This is where interior barn doors can play a big role. When blended with the existing décor, or perhaps made to stand out with a bright, bold color, barn doors immediately add an interesting new element and a modern look to an office.

Better functionality

Interior barn doors are also excellent for saving space. Because they slide, there is never any encumbrance into a room, unlike a swinging door. And as a result, more of the room is able to be utilized, which could result in significant cost savings to a company. This is especially important in a medical setting where even small exam rooms would be able to contain more furniture or equipment that may otherwise be wasting valuable space elsewhere.

Interior Barn Doors: Perfect for Every Design

Interior barn doors do not just look great, they can also improve the way an office runs. Noise is typically a big distraction in any workplace, but barn doors by AD Systems can come with acoustical seals that will prevent sound from seeping inside. This will allow people on both sides of the doors to better focus on their work and ramp up productivity.

Another great advantage to AD Systems barn doors is that they can easily be used by anyone. In offices that have multi-generational work forces or people with disabilities, it is important that everyone is able to gain access to any part of the building. The same is true in a medical facility; interior barn doors open very wide and have an overhead track, which makes them ideal for someone in a wheelchair or scooter.

It is not enough anymore for an office to be built with only work in mind. Companies have to be aware of what their offices say to the world. By adding certain components such as interior barn doors, they are making it clear that visual appeal is just as important as anything else. This is why AD Systems creates top-of-the-line barn doors that greatly improve both how an office operates as well as how it looks.