interior barn doorsWhen it comes to design, offices can get into a rut. In many cases, projects lack innovation. Frequently, things happen the same way they always have, even when there are other choices. Doors are a perfect example. Today, traditional swinging doors may not be right for all buildings. The good news is that there is a better alternative. Interior barn doors from AD Systems provide numerous benefits.

AD Systems’ Interior Barn Doors


Healthcare facilities should be quiet and efficient places. But because they are high traffic locations where people are sensitive to privacy concerns, this can be difficult to accomplish. The ExamSlide system can be a perfect solution. These doors are excellent for blocking sound. Thus, confidential conversations in patients’ rooms remain private and exterior noise doesn’t seep in. In addition, these doors are perfect for medical settings because they have a wide clearance. Access is simple for wheelchairs or equipment since the doors hang from top rollers and have no floor tracks. Engineers designed them specifically for easy access, no matter the level of ability and they are ADA-compliant.


Blocking out sound is also important for corporate offices. OfficeSlide has the same excellent acoustical qualities as ExamSlide. These doors can help create a much more productive environment without noise distractions. In addition, they improve privacy. Tech companies, legal and financial firms all require areas where confidential conversations can take place. Also, there are many options available to add functions such as key card access, a self-closing feature, glass panels and much more that can contribute to physical security. In addition, interior barn doors may save up to 30 square feet per doorway versus swinging doors. This is a major benefit considering the high cost per square foot in most buildings.


When space is at a premium, the InsetSlide system is the top choice. These doors slide into wall openings, so they can fit almost anywhere. Also, they have the same qualities as ExamSlide and OfficeSlide. This means they can cut down on noise distractions, enhance privacy, and allow for better access for everyone.

Whether for a new building or a remodel, sliding barn doors could be the best solution for any building. For companies that want to learn more about this door option, contact AD Systems for a free quote.