interior barn doorsDesigning office spaces often involves trade-offs. Frequently, architects will have to sacrifice style for functionality. This can leave office spaces feeling drab and uninviting. When you are trying to make your clients feel welcome, being uninviting is not an option. Luckily, AD Systems has a solution to this problem. They offer interior barn doors that strike a balance between form and function. Now, architects can give their clients the style they want, while also offering superior functionality.

Interior Barn Doors Offer Style and Privacy

AD Systems designed their interior barn doors to simply perform better. Their doors offer acoustical performance, design flexibility and a wide range of features like soft closers. Architects can give their clients the performance and style they want with these doors. Optional add-ons include self-closing devices, smoke ratings, privacy locks, card reader access, and more. Thus, it’s no wonder top architectural professionals recognize AD Systems for their solutions.

AD Systems offers three lines of barn doors to ensure builders find what works for them:


The ExamSlide is perfect for healthcare applications. Designed for clinics, restrooms, medical offices, emergency rooms and more, the ExamSlide is full featured and built to last. Its unique design, performance, and functions elevate it above traditional barn doors and make it secure for healthcare applications. Also, patients can feel safe and secure with sound-proofing. This solution can also save up to 30 square feet as compared to a traditional swinging door.


The OfficeSlide is the commercial offering from AD Systems. Combining performance features with greater design flexibility, the OfficeSlide is perfect for a wide range of offices. Consider the OfficeSlide for private offices, conference rooms, and other spaces. Fully customizable in size and configurations, the OfficeSlide will fit your needs.


AD Systems also offers the InsetSlide system for a flush look (as opposed to a surface mounted barn door). InsetSlide offers the best of both worlds. They adapted some of the best features of barn doors into a system designed to fit within the wall opening. Additionally, the InsetSlide offers the choice of wood or aluminum stile and rail doors with multiple options. Offering a more modern and sleek design, this solution is great for any application.