sliding door systemsFor over a decade, AD Systems has worked to create quality doors for offices and medical facilities. These doors have a design meant to not only improve function, but to also enhance design. The InsetSlide™ solution takes the best features from the typical barn door design but with the addition of a sidelite and the ability to locate both within an opening as oppose to surface mounted. The result is one of the top sliding door systems available.

Benefits of the InsetSlide door system

InsetSlide offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Space-saving design – Sliding doors allow much more usage of the total square footage of a room. Every doorway using sliding doors saves up to 30 square feet of floor space.
  • Smooth operation with top-hung rollers – These doors open and close very easily.
  • Soft closing – Unlike traditional swinging doors, InsetSlide doors close almost soundlessly.
  • Low maintenance – This door system comes with an aluminum frame that is easy to clean.
  • Sound-dampening – When closed, the InsetSlide system keeps sound contained inside a room. This cuts down on noise distractions and improves privacy.
  • No hallway projection – For projects that are extremely tight on corridor space, the Insetslide design keeps the doors flush with walls and requires no projection into the hallway

The InsetSlide system is particularly good for hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities. The standard features available on AD Systems signature Examslide sliding door system – soft closing, acoustic performance, ADA compliant opening sizes and no exposed tracks and available some ratings, are all incorporated into the sleek and ultra space saving Inset version.

Another reason businesses opt for the InsetSlide solution is for design purposes. The doors themselves can be any wood or laminate finish, or aluminum stile and rail with glass and the sidelites can incorporate decorative glazing, markerboards or a range of solid infill panels up to 1″ thick.

Security is typically a big concern for any business, and this is another advantage of the InsetSlide system. They can incorporate key locks or magnetic locks that use key cards.

InsetSlide is the solution to sliding door systems needs

For businesses that want to improve the function of their offices, the InsetSlide door system is the perfect choice. Anyone interested can contact AD Systems for additional information. See our case study on MultiCare Indigo to learn more about how InsetSlide was developed.